Cameron Daddo leaves Home and Away fans devastated

“Your brilliant acting and dedication to both your roles will always be remembered.”
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While Cameron Daddo was lucky enough to get a second lease of life in Summer Bay after his original character was killed off, it seems the curtain call has now  finally come.

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The 55-year-old originally portrayed Ryder’s (Lukas Radovich) terminally ill father, Evan, before the character ultimately died off-screen.

But in true jaw-dropping soap style, there was a huge twist! Evan had a secret twin brother called Owen, which allowed Cameron to return to the Bay and his character struck a romance with Roo (Georgie Parker).

Cameron Daddo
Home and Away fans were left devastated after Cameron Daddo left Summer Bay for the second time. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite their sizzling chemistry and obvious love for another, Roo simply couldn’t move past the fact Owen looked identical to the late Evan and their romance crumbled in this week’s episodes. Sob!

Safe to say, fans were devastated when Owen walked away forever and shortly after his character’s exit, Cameron took to Instagram to say his final goodbyes.

“Twins. Evan and Owen @homeandaway,” Cameron captioned an image of Evan and Owen side by side.  

“To you, fans all over the 🌎 thank you for the love. Thank you 🙏 Cast and crew – the best!! 🙌✌”

Cameron daddo Georgie Parker
“How do I count the ways. Cam, you are such a beautiful man inside and out,” Georgie Parker wrote after Cameron’s exit. (Credit: Instagram)

His on-screen love interest Georgie also paid tribute to their time together, writing a heartfelt post over on her own account.

“How do I count the ways. Cam, you are such a beautiful man inside and out,”  she penned.

“ We were all so lucky you were free to play with us in the Stewart household. You’re family now, can’t wait to work with you again and I’ll see you and the fam soon for some early Christmas love ❤️. You are literally ‘the best’. 💜”

Clearly touched, Cameron responded: “Right back at you 3-fold! What a pleasure it was… and who knows… there are a lot of twists’n’turns on the road. Take care of those Stewart’s… #family! ❤❤✌☺”

James Stewart also said his goodbyes on Instagram, writing “Gunna miss this guy!!✌🏽So easy to watch.. so good at what he does. Later bro @camerondaddo.

Cameron Daddo James Stewart
“Later bro” wrote James Stewart. (Credit: Instagram)

Meanwhile, many Home and Away fans weren’t shy about letting Cameron know exactly how much he’ll be missed after his exit.

“Summer Bay will miss you Cameron. Your brilliant acting and dedication to both your roles as Evan and Owen will always be remembered. You were such a great addition to the H&A family,” one fan  wrote in a post shared by the actor on his Instagram Story.

Another added: “Cameron played both storylines so well! He will be missed.”

In an interview with WHO earlier this year, Cameron admitted that his close friendship with Georgie was one of the reasons he decided to sign up for the gig.

“Georgie Parker and I worked together on a show called Scorched a few years ago and became friends from that,” he said.

 “So the opportunity to work with her again was really exciting. This is what it’s about; it’s about going to work and enjoying doing the work with people that I know who are really good – so it was a bit of a no-brainer.”

Cameron Daddo
Fans weren’t shy in letting Cameron know how much he’ll be missed. (Credit: Instagram)

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