Abbie Chatfield deletes “awful and toxic” social media account

New year, new her.
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Social media frequenter Abbie Chatfield has announced she has deleted one of Gen Z’s most beloved apps.

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After asking her Instagram followers to submit requests for her podcast, It’s A Lot, one enthusiastic fan suggested she roast misogynistic TikToks.

Abbie, however, revealed she no longer has the app on her phone, writing: “I’ve deleted TikTok but pls DM me any f–ked up sh-t u see!!!!!”

She’s officially deleted TikTok. (Credit: Instagram)

A quick TikTok search shows that Abbie’s account remains intact, with her latest video posted in December last year (surrounding THAT Kyle Sandliands and Brittany Hockley drama – more on that later).

Clearly the star has simply removed the app from her phone without deleting her account entirely. New year, less TikTok, perhaps?

Abbie has previously spoken about the toxicities that come with the fast-growing app, particularly when it comes to certain trends.

Abbie has previously called out TikTok. (Credit: Instagram)

After TikTok users began using a filter to gauge the symmetry of their facial features, Abbie broke her silence on the repercussions of the app.

“These trends on TikTok are so awful and toxic, and it’s hard to not want to participate myself,” Abbie told our sister site Girlfriend exclusively.

“They’re disguised as harmless fun, but the implications are severe. Every few days there’s a new beauty standard to try to live up to.” 

WATCH: Abbie Chatfield calls out Kyle Sandilands and Brittany Hockley. (Article continues after video)

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As someone whose life revolves largely around social media, Abbie also gave tips with regards to maintaining a positive body image while being constantly subjected to scrutinising trends.

“I think the biggest thing is cleaning out your feed to not envy-follow anyone. Follow accounts that educate you and uplift you,” she said.

“I understand this is harder on TikTok with the algorithm feeding you trends. So, when you see these trends, my best advice is to try to remember we all look different.

“You’re never going to look like anyone else and trying to achieve that will not only magnify your own insecurities, but it will also waste time and energy that you could be spending on learning to love yourself.”

Abbie is the new host of BINGE’s FBoy Island. (Credit: BINGE)

The Masked Singer judge added that the beauty standard “goal posts change constantly”.

“Instead of waiting for your turn to come around, do your best to get comfy in your skin, say your affirmations and grant yourself permission to love what you see in the mirror.”

Abbie’s decision to delete TikTok comes a month after she called out Kyle Sandliands and Brittany Hockley for “slut-shaming” her while interviewing Yung Gravy.

When the rapper told Kyle and Brittany he had a date arranged with Abbie, shock jock Kyle told the Betty singer to “line up”, while Brittany said: “I have no doubt.”

“The issue that I think people like Kyle and Britney have with me is that I’m able to speak about sexuality in a way that isn’t shameful,” Abbie responded on her podcast.

Laura Byrne defended Brittany by calling out Abbie Chatfield. (Credit: Instagram)

She continued: “And they think that that must equate to f–king around every single day and having sex every single day, when actually it’s just that I don’t have the shame that they have and therefore they’re projecting it onto me.”

The 27-year-old concluded: “Give me sh-t but don’t make it at the expense of other people listening and other women listening. Say whatever you want about me, but do not pet perpetuate f–king slut shaming bullsh-t on the biggest radio show in the country.”

After Brittany responded to Abbie, the Bachelor In Paradise alum wasn’t satisfied with the apology. THEN Laura Byrne jumped in to defend her bestie Brittany by calling out Abbie’s involvement in the new show FBOY Island (more on that here).

Whether or not this back-and-forth contributed to Abbie’s decision to partake in a TikTok cleanse is yet to be seen, but we do wonder if and when the influencer will be back!

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