Carrie Bickmore: ‘My partner wants 6 kids!’

About to give birth to her third baby, she’s proudly showcasing her blossoming bump at our WHO Sexiest cover shoot.
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Carrie Bickmore, 37, is the picture of health and happiness, and refreshingly honest about this pregnancy.

“My body certainly feels sorer and more tired this time around. Must be age!” she laughs. “I had Ollie in my 20s and it’s a different experience having a bub in my late 30s. When I had Evie, Ollie was 7 so I wasn’t having to carry him around, but this time round Evie is still little so it’s much harder looking after a toddler while I have limited movement!”

Embracing her ever-changing body, Bickmore reveals feeling sexy isn’t something she always feels.

“Depends what hour you ask me!” she explains. “For the first few months I couldn’t focus on anything other than feeling sick so I felt as sexy as a log, but once that passed, I enjoyed watching my body grow and feel fuller. Then as you near the end, you start to feel uncomfortable, tired and puffy and not particularly sexy.”

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Carrie Bickmore (Credit: Jason Ierace)

Bickmore’s long-term partner Chris Walker, father to Evie, 3, and stepdad to Ollie, 11, is looking forward to the next addition joining the family.

“He’d have six kids if he had his way! He loves kids and loves watching them playing together,” she reveals.

“Evie has him wrapped around her little finger so who knows how she is gonna cope with a baby in the mix.”

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