Meet Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews’ three teenage children

When he's away from the cameras, the state's premier is a family man at heart
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In the throws of the Covid pandemic, Australians became used to the sight of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews fronting a wall of microphones and cameras almost every day, as he gave rolling updates on the state’s latest coronavirus news. 

The now 51-year-old worked around the clock with health authorities in an effort to keep the virus contained, furrowing away in his makeshift home office at the house he shares with his wife Catherine and their three children, Noah, Grace, and Joseph who were 18, 16, and 12 at the time. 

Now, as the Victoria Premier announces his shock resignation almost three years after the pandemic started, we’re looking into the family man’s home life. 

WATCH: Daniel Andrews appears with his wife and kids during press conference

Mr Andrews said he’s decided to step down as the leader of the state after “always working hard to do what’s right not simply to do what’s popular”.

Andrews, Labor’s longest-serving premier in the state, made the announcement at a press conference on Tuesday. He cited his wife, Catherine, and his children, Grace, Noah and Joseph, as playing a part in his decision to step away from the position. 

“When it is time, it is time,” he said. “Recently, in talking to my kids and Cath [his wife], thoughts of what life will be like after this job has started to creep in.

“I have always known that the moment that happens it is time to go and to give this privilege, this amazing responsibility to someone else.”

“It’s not an easy job being the premier of this state, that’s not a complaint just a fact,” he said during the press conference.

Image: Getty
The family were all in lockdown together at their Melbourne home. (Image: Getty)

Andrews thanked his wife and his children for their support over the years during his resignation announcement. 

“To my family, to my mother and father, to my sister, I couldn’t ask for more,” he said.

“Cath, she is my best friend and none of this was remotely possible without her support, her guidance and her love. Noah, Grace and Joseph, they know only politics that has done this. For all the matters meant, thank you. You are everything to me.”

Image: Getty
The Andrews family pictured on the red carpet in pre-COVID days. (Image: Getty)

Despite the pressure caused by his intense job, it seems Andrews still had plenty of time to hang out with his kids who are now 21, 19 and 15. Despite keeping their family largely out of the public eye the former premier has been known to share a few updates online.

“You only turn 18 once. Couldn’t be more proud,” Andrews wrote alongside a selfie of himself and his eldest child Noah, back in 2020. 

Image: Instagram
Andrews and his eldest son Noah. (Image: Instagram)

The same year, the premiere celebebrated his middle child, Grace’s birthday as she turned 16.

“Another big milestone at our place – 16 today. We love you Grace,” Andrews wrote on Instagram, alongside a selfie of himself and his daughter. 

Image: Instagram
The premier with his daughter Grace on her birthday (Image: Instagram)

On December 2022, Daniel announced his daughter Grace had completed year 12 and was embarking on a trip of a lifetime. 

Sharing a picture of his daughter at Melbourne airport on his Facebook Page he wrote; “Finished Year 12 and off on her next big adventure, Miss you already Gracie.”

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Mr Andrews posted a photo of Grace at the airport with an announcement that she was flying out after finishing year 12
Image: Instagram
Catherine says her husband has been working around the clock during the pandemic. (Image: Instagram)
Image: Instagram
The family pictured together in 2018, when Andrews won the 2018 state election. (Image: Instagram)
Image: Instagram
All smiles at home together. (Image: Instagram)
Image: Instagram
The three Andrews kids – Noah, Grace and Joseph. (Image: Instagram)

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