The sad reason Holly Valance missed her sister’s wedding

The Neighbours star explained in a rare TV appearance.
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It’s only been a few weeks since Olympia Valance tied the knot to her long-time love, AFL player Thomas Bellchambers. But when the photos appeared on Instagram, many noticed that Olympia’s famous big sister, Holly Valance, was absent.

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Despite the sisters’ closeness, Holly did not appear among Olympia’s six bridesmaids, and was not spotted in the videos she shared to her socials.

But now we finally know why. Speaking to Studio10 this morning after her appearance in last night’s Neighbours finale, Holly revealed she had been struck down by Covid-19 just days before her sister’s nuptials.

“I literally just cancelled a trip,” Holly revealed when asked if she was planning a trip home any time soon.

“I was meant to go home for my little sister’s wedding and got COVID five days before.”

The sisters both got their start on Neighbours. (Credit: Getty)

“I could barely walk that day and literally cancelled my flight three hours before,” the Kiss Kiss singer said.

“It was a bit devastating,” she added.

However, Holly has plans to see Olympia very soon, even if she’s unable to fly home.

“I’m trying to make it up for her, I’m crashing her honeymoon in about two weeks.”

And since the interview was pre-recorded, it was no surprise to see Holly pop up on Olympia’s socials overnight, joining her in Greece with her new husband.

The sisters celebrated the finale together in Greece. (Credit: Instagram)

She did look beautiful, and I’ve caught up with her since her wedding and she is the happiest little munchkin on the planet,” Holly told the breakfast program.

“I’m very happy for her … I’ve never seen a more beautiful bride.

“And I’ve never met Thomas! I have to go meet my new bro,” she added.

Holly revealed she hadn’t yet met Olympia’s husband, Thomas Bellchambers. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite the 10-year age gap between the half-sisters, they seem very close, and both starred on Neighbours as they were kicking off their respective acting careers.

Both had cameos in the finale, which aired on July 28.

While Holly mostly lives her life outside the spotlight, excited fans were happy to see her return to the show, and even do press afterwards, opening up about her life in London.

Since stepping back from performing, Holly has married luxury property developer Nick Candy, and the two share two children.

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