Jett Kenny: “I don’t get a lot of attention from girls!”

He is the son of Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny.
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As the son of Olympic swimming gold medallist Lisa Curry and ironman Grant Kenny, Jett Kenny has been brought up in the spotlight.

He is known for his washboard abs and golden smile, but the 23-year-old reveals he feels most sexy when he’s got a shirt on.

“For me, getting dressed up and having a nice suit on is more appealing than being down at the beach in a pair of boardshorts,” Kenny says.

The part-time model believes that being talented is just as important as having good looks.

“People say it’s fine to just have a pretty face, but if there’s nothing behind it then it’s a bit dull and boring. People want smart and sexy. You need to have something else going for you.”

He attributes most of his success to genetics and hard work, but says having famous parents helped him kickstart his career.

Photographed by JESS LAFRANKIE
(Credit: Photographed by JESS LAFRANKIE)

“I always say that I don’t think I’d be where I am today if my parents weren’t who they are,” Kenny tells WHO.

“I started off as a lifeguard and that, obviously, has nothing to do with my last name, and sporting- wise, I’ve always had natural talent but it’s
got to that stage where I have to work hard.”

When it comes to love, despite his good looks Kenny says girls often look the other way.

“People seem to think I get a lot of attention from girls, but recently I’ve had people say to me, ‘I don’t talk to you because you get enough attention as it is,’” Kenny reveals.

“I guess it’s just a matter of finding the right person.”

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