From Co-stars to Parents: Inside Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara’s Relationship

The couple work hard to keep their relationship out of the public eye
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Joaquin Phoenix has captivated audiences for decades with his compelling performances and enigmatic presence on-screen. While his professional achievements have been widely recognized, his personal life has often been a subject of intrigue and curiosity for many.

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Who is Joaquin Phoenix?

Born on October 28, 1974, in Puerto Rico, Joaquin Rafael Phoenix entered the entertainment industry at a young age, appearing in television shows alongside his siblings. 

His journey to stardom was marked by remarkable performances in films like Gladiator, Walk the Line, Her, Napolean, and the groundbreaking Joker, for which he received widespread acclaim, including an Academy Award for Best Actor.

joaquin phoenix and liv tyler
Joaquin Phoenix and Liv Tyler. (Credit: Getty)

Who has Joaquin Phoenix dated? 

Despite his fame, Joaquin has remained notoriously private about his personal life. One of the most significant aspects that has piqued public interest is his romantic relationships.

Over the years, Joaquin has been linked with several high-profile personalities. Notably, he dated Liv Tyler in the late ’90s and had a long-term relationship with actress Anna Paquin, with whom he co-starred in the film The Buffalo Soldiers. His relationships have often been discreet, shielded from the spotlight, allowing him to maintain a considerable degree of privacy.

joaquin phoenix and rooney mara
Rooney and Joaquin in 2013. (Credit: Getty)

How did Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix meet?

However, it was his relationship with fellow actress Rooney Mara that garnered substantial attention. Joaquin and Rooney first met while working on the movie Her in 2012. Their connection grew stronger when they reunited on the set of Mary Magdalene in 2016. The two shared a mutual admiration for each other’s craft and gradually developed a deep bond.

joaquin phoenix and rooney mara
Joaquin and Rooney share a child together. (Credit: Getty)

Does Joaquin Phoenix have children?

In May 2019, reports emerged that Joaquin and Rooney were engaged. Subsequently, in July 2020, news surfaced that the couple had welcomed their first child, a son named River, honouring Joaquin’s late brother, River Phoenix, a talented actor whose life tragically ended in 1993.

Despite their reserved nature, the arrival of their son became a significant milestone, bringing public attention to their otherwise private life. 

Although the pair themselves kept quiet on the news, Rooney spoke about the couple’s parenting dynamics in December 2022, making the rare comments on her podcast, LaunchLeft. 

joaquin phoenix and rooney mara
The pair are set to star in an upcoming film together. (Credit: Getty)

The actress spoke to guest Rain Phoenix, Joaquin’s sister, about how “lucky” she was to have the option to stay home with her son, explaining that she never expected to raise children with another actor.

“It doesn’t feel like a two-actor house because I didn’t work for the first three and a half years we were together,” she explained. “Basically since we’ve been together, I only worked one or two times and one was really small and short. It feels like a creative household, we’re constantly talking about creative things.”

Now, four years after they welcomed their first child, it appears that Rooney and Joaquin will soon be welcoming another addition to the family, with the actress debuting her baby bump at the La Cocina premiere at the 2024 Berlin Film Festival. 

Representatives for the couple have been contacted by various news outlets however, the pair have not yet commented on the news. 

Rooney debuted her baby bump at the 2024 Berlin Film Festival. (Credit: Getty)

What has Rooney Mara been in?

Rooney is a highly respected actress known for her versatile roles and remarkable performances. She gained widespread recognition for her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Her other notable works include Carol, A Ghost Story, and Her

In December 2022 news broke that Rooney and Joaquin would once again work on a project together, a thriller called The Island.

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