Who is Anthony Albanese’s partner Jodie Haydon?

Meet the new Aussie ‘First Lady’.
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Australia doesn’t technically have a First Lady, but if we did it would be Jodie Haydon, partner to our new Prime Minister Anthony Albanese.

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While she doesn’t have an official title, we can expect to see a whole lot more of Jodie over the coming years as Mr Albanese continues in his new role.

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She’ll most likely be living with him between the PM’s residences in Canberra and Kirribilli, NSW, attending flashy events and meeting important people on his arm.

So who is Jodie and why is she going to be a woman to watch in the next few years? Keep scrolling to find out.

Mr Albanese and Jodie step out with their dog. (Credit: Getty)

Jodie and Mr Albanese (who shall be affectionately known as Albo for the rest of this piece) met in 2020 at an event in Melbourne, where they bonded over a love for the Rabbitohs.

He called for any South Sydney NRL supporters in the crowd to make themselves known and Jodie called out “up the Rabbitohs!”.

Not the most romantic way to start things, but soon after Jodie “slid into his DMs” on Twitter and made the first real move.

“I knew that we both followed the same footy team, we both have a love for the Inner West and I think I said in that direct message: ‘hey, we’re both single’,” she told news.com.au.

Can you believe Jodie “slid into his DMs” on Twitter? (Credit: Getty)

Albo, who had split from his wife of almost 20 years in 2019, wasn’t looking for love when he agreed to meet Jodie for a drink – but that’s what he got.

“We had what I thought would just be a drink at Young Henrys in Newtown, and we got on really well. That’s how it started,” he told The Australian Women’s Weekly.

Jodie was also “enjoying being single” but she fell hard for the Opposition Leader, becoming one of his biggest supporters in their public and private lives.

As a passionate advocate for women’s workplace rights, Jodie, who has worked in the superannuation industry for over 20 years, had long had an interest in politics.

Albo and Jodie both value “fairness, equality” and “education” when it comes to politics. (Credit: Getty)

Like Albo, she’s invested in seeing Australia change for the better and their shared passion “fairness, equality” and “education” has helped their relationship flourish.

When Albo began campaigning for the 2022 federal election, Jodie was right beside him and she received a special call-out when he was named Australia’s new Prime Minister on May 21.

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“Thank you for coming into my life and for sharing this journey,” he said to Jodie following the Labor Party victory that night.

But things weren’t always peachy in Albo’s love life.

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In 2019 his then-wife Carmel Tebbutt ended their marriage suddenly, leaving the politician completely blindsided on New Year’s Day.

The pair had met in the 1980s through Young Labour and went on to wed in 2000, sharing a son named Nathan.

“I found it very tough. I certainly will always remember New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day for that momentous event in my life,” he told ABC Radio in 2022.

Nathan had just finished his HSC at the time and chose to live with his dad in his Marrickville home in Sydney.

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