The best of Kylie Jenner’s TikTok videos

Miss Jenner sure knows how to work her socials.

The Kar-Jenner clan sure know their socials. From Instagram, to Snapchat (R.I.P King Kylie), to TikTok; the following they’ve collectively amassed could form an entire continent.

And the most recent social platform to blow up within the family? Miss Kylie Jenner’s TikTok, of course.

Ever the trend-savvy, the makeup mogul is currently nearing 50 million followers, with a collective base of likes bordering on one billion. When scrolling through her page, you’ll find a bank of cute family clips, product announcements, and lip-syncing videos.

Frequent FYP scrollers may recognize viral Kylie moments such as ‘rise and shine’ (a sound bite of her singing to Stormi from Keeping Up With the Kardashians) and her (speculated) blush choice, the DIOR Backstage Rosy Glow Blush in ‘001 Pink’, which sold out worldwide after circulation.

Kylie’s most frequent (and popular) guest on her page happens to be her daughter, Stormi Webster. Her mini-me is often captured sharing loving moments with her mother or joining in on TikTok trends. The 4-year-old, fathered by Travis Scott, is certainly set to be a trend-setter as she gets older!

Take a look at some of Kylie’s most iconic TikToks.

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Kylie plans surprise for Stormi

In one of her earlier TikTok posts, Kylie flaunts her parental skills, planning a themed surprise for her Trolls-loving daughter, Stormi Webster. Stormi runs around and squeals excitedly when a life-sized Poppy character appears in her lavish living room.

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Kris & Kylie recreate Kourtney’s viral sound

After a Keeping With The Kardashians sound-bite went viral on TikTok, Kylie corralled her mother, Kris Jenner, to join her in lip-syncing Kourtney and Scott’s ‘abcdefg’ conversation.

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Kylie & Stassie recreate iconic KUWTK moments

Who better to mock your family than you, yourself? Kylie and her friend, Anastasia Karanikolaou (also known as ‘Stassie Baby’) relived some iconic Kardashians moments in a montage of their best quotes, including the infamous ‘diamond earring’ saga.

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Kylie and Stormi share sweet moment

Curling up next to her daughter, Kylie captured a sweet mother-daughter moment, and we just can’t get enough of Stormi’s cuteness!

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Kylie ‘sings’ at dinner

Kylie Jenner’s singing voice makes a comeback in the ‘rise and shine’ 2.0. Joining in on the meme, Jenner voiced along to the viral audio at a glamourous dinner party.

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Kylie and Stassie’s night out

Amassing close to 17 million likes, Kylie’s fun night in with friends went viral. The lip-sync video was praised for its glamorous setting and video transitions.

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Kylie and Crew’s 2021 Power Rangers Halloween Costumes

Kylie got the whole crew involved in her 2021 Halloween costume. Dressing as the Power Rangers, it’s fair to say that many were living vicariously through the social media starlet on Halloween night.

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Mother’s Day Tribute

Kylie shared a compilation of her second pregnancy as a Mother’s Day tribute this year. Showing off her baby bump, the 25-year-old was pictured at a photoshoot prior to the birth of her yet-to-be-named son.

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Sister Duo

Kendall joined forces with her younger sister for this TikTok. As one of their first collaborations on the platform, fans were delighted to see more of their sisterly bond.

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In the glam chair

Wearing Kylie Cosmetics (of course), Jenner shared a makeup-chair shot while sporting a black smoky eye and loosely curled up-do.

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Karaoke in the car

We just can’t get enough of their relationship! Kylie and Stormi join in the trends with a cute car lip-sync

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Kylie and Stormi raid designer shoe closet

Like mother, like daughter. Stormi and Kylie strut their stuff in her designated designer shoe closet. Just look at that collection!

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Kylie shows off her car collection

Speaking of collections, Kylie doesn’t just stop at shoes. In an all-black catsuit, Jenner poses in front of her five pictured cars.

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Kylie’s lavish birthday 

Accompanied by music from her partner, Travis Scott, Jenner shared her extravagant floral decorations which sprawled across the foyer of her house. Tiered stacks are pictured lining the walls floor to ceiling.

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Kylie’s GRWM

As a true influencer, Kylie shared a mini get-ready-with-me video in a try-on style. Standing in her gigantic bathroom, the celeb chooses her outfit and ends the video with a clip of the final look.

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Getting event ready

Holding a bedazzled pink water bottle, Jenner shares a clip in the glam chair. With a lightened brow look, her cheek and lip colours pull the focus.

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The coolest family members

Kylie, Stormi, and Kris are absolutely iconic in this Kardashians lip-sync. With the caption ‘pov being the coolest in the family’, we can’t help but agree.

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Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber’s 2023 Halloween costumes

Kylie and her friend, Hailey Bieber were Halloween ready two weeks early this year. After filming a video for Bieber’s self-titled YouTube channel, the two hit the town dressed in full witch garb – complete with green face paint.

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Kardashian family shenanigans

The Kar-Jenners share their sisterly love in a light-hearted video, accompanied by a classic Kourtney audio-clip. Wearing matching outfits, we can guess a photoshoot was on the agenda?

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Two Jenner-ations

Aunties and nieces unite for a cute family dance video. P and North are already familiar to the platform through their respective TikTok accounts.

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Kylie’s Aspen holiday

Is it truly a Kar-Jenner holiday without documentation? Kylie shared a short snap of her lavish holiday dinner in snowy Aspen.

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Lipstick? Smudged.

Ok, Kylie! Miss Jenner brought the drama in this lipstick-smudging video.

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Kylie and Stassie reunited 

It is now confirmed, Kylie and Stassie are still friends! The pair embraced in one of Kylie’s latest Christmas-themed TikTok vids.

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Kylie Jenner Christmas dress

We didn’t think mother-daughter matching could get any cuter! Kylie stunned in her Mugler dress on Christmas, with Stormi matching in full suit.

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Kylie and Stassie recreate Zoolander

Back to their old shenanigans, Kylie and Stassie hopped on the latest Zoolander trend during Christmas. Oh, how we love to see celebs take part.

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