Michael Brunelli defends Martha after a fan’s controversial pregnancy question

"I honestly don't give a single f--k."
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Married At First Sight alum Michael Brunelli has responded to a follower who asked him a personal question about his partner Martha Kalifatidis and her pregnancy journey. 

WATCH: Michael shares Martha pregnancy update

When the follower asked if Michael cared if Martha got stretch marks, the dad-to-be was quick to shut them down. 

“I honestly don’t give a single f–k,” he wrote.

“Stretch marks, are f–king NORMAL, and will never impact how I feel about her or how obsessed I am with her in the slightest.”

Michael said he “doesn’t give a f–k” about stretch marks. (Credit: Instagram)

He went on to say that 88% of pregnancies result in stretch marks, adding that is is “f–king mind blowing” that “women literally grow a HUMAN BEING from a damn cell inside them”.

“Any guy that feels differently needs to check his small d-ck energy.”

The couple are expecting their first child. (Credit: Instagram)

Michael concluded: “Trust me bro, even if you could, you couldn’t do it. Women are built different.”

Martha herself chimed in on the conversation in the comments, adding: “I couldn’t care less about stretch marks tbh… but I read this quote today and thought it was relevant here..

“‘We have stretch marks to remind us of how much we’ve grown. These are not blemishes. They are maps that we carry to show how much womankind can be stretched but never broke’.”

WATCH: Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli announce they’re expecting. (Article continues after video)

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Michael’s response got plenty of attention from his friends, family and followers.

Martha’s mum, and Big Brother alum, Mary Kalifatidis commented: “Even men have stretch marks and they don’t give birth. It’s ok.”

DJ Tiger Lily also applauded the MAFS star, commenting literal clapping hands emojis.

“It’s the fact that anyone even thought to ask tf?” a third penned. 

They confirmed they were expecting in September last year. (Credit: Instagram)

The couple confirmed they were expecting their first child in September last year. 

“It’s been a minute since we’ve been online, so we wanted to explain our situation and make a little bit of an announcement, and that is that Martha is pregnant,” Michael began in an Instagram video.

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