EXCLUSIVE: TikTok superstar Millie Ford teases potential appearance on hit reality show

Plus, she confesses what bugs her about TikTok.
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Australia initially fell in love with her teacher impression on TikTok. Since then the.. “uhh, boys at the back” comedian Millie Ford has been taking the entertainment industry by storm.

WATCH: Millie Ford’s hilarious teacher impersonation

Despite being able to impersonate an educator so well, a job in the field was never the goal for Millie.

“I can’t say I ever wanted to be a teacher growing up,” she tells WHO exclusively.

“Before TikTok I was working in social media and marketing and had to create a TikTok for work, I had so much fun with it that I started making my own, that’s when they started taking off!”

Millie was working in social media and marketing before her TikToks blew up. (Credit: Instagram)

In fact, they took off so much that one of the 25-year-old’s favourite teachers got in touch after seeing a TikTok of Millie’s.

“My year 12 drama teacher reached out and we had a laugh over it all… I had to explain that my drama teacher character is not based on her.”

Despite the TikToker’s success, there is something that bugs Millie about the fastest-growing app.

“Sometimes the content that I put very little effort into is the content that goes viral… and vice versa! I’ve had videos that I put my heart and soul into not perform as well and it can be so hard to predict!”

Millie’s teacher character is one of her most iconic. (Credit: Instagram)

Nevertheless, the virality of Millie’s content has, in her words, “opened other doors” for the Gen-Zer, who not only hosts her own podcast, Out Of Character, but also appeared on the Stan hit show Bump as a librarian.

“Working on Bump has definitely been one of my career highlights so far, it was so incredible to be on set and working with a really talented cast and crew,” she tells us.

“I would definitely love to take on more acting opportunities, I absolutely loved being a part of Bump and am excited to explore further acting gigs this year.”

Apart from acting, Millie has even dipped her toe in the world of reality television, guest starring alongside host Sophie Monk on the latest season of Beauty and the Geek.

Millie in Bump. (Credit: Stan)

“I had so much fun… I met so many incredible people and it was great to step outside my comfort zone,” Millie says of the experience, adding that Sophie Monk is a “legend”.

She’s such a laugh plus so down-to-earth, and made me feel very comfortable for my first rodeo.”

So, can we expect to see the TikToker appear on more reality TV shows… The Bachelorette perhaps?

“Hmmm you’ll have to keep your eyes out,” she says, ever so cryptically.

We’ll be waiting…

Millie is a campaign ambassador for BACARDI’s Sounds of Summer. (Credit: Supplied)

For now, Millie has teamed up with BACARDI for their Sounds of Summer campaign.

 “I’ve always been a big fan of white rum and recently I went to RNB Fridayz with BACARDÍ and had the opportunity to try their new BACARDÍ Raspberry Mojito which is a canned cocktail and has honestly become my go-to drink at the moment. It’s so fresh and delicious, perfect for a hot summer’s day,” she says.

The collaboration, for Millie, has been “so much fun”.

“I’ve been able to attend some really cool gigs thanks to BACARDÍ and their Sounds of Summer promotion. The competition itself offers the chance to win tickets to some of the biggest concerts including sold out gigs, all you have to do to enter is sign up on the Sounds of Summer website.

“With BACARDÍ I saw Tame Impala which was a sold out gig and was epic and also I went to RNB Fridayz. That was loads of fun, I randomly met Akon, Shaggy and Jay Sean which made for super memorable night.”

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