The Man, The Dad, The Legend: Rod Stewart And His Children

Learn how kids changed rock idol Rod Stewart.

Sir Rod Stewart’s life has been rather colourful, to say the least. This British rockstar has moved hips with his music and hearts with his roguish good looks, leaving a trail of some of the best music of his time on the British airwaves.

A self-confessed party boy, Rod (now 72) has largely changed from his formative years as a rock star. In fact, Rod Stewart’s children have become the centrepiece of his life—a far cry from his lothario days.

But with a rockstar dad, how exactly did his sons and daughters turn out?

How Many Children Does Rod Stewart Have?

Rod Stewart has 8 children by 5 different mothers, and all of them have done quite well for themselves. Here’s a rundown on all of them.

Sarah Streeter

Sarah Streeter is Rod’s first child (with Susannah Boffey), but she wasn’t on close terms with him until she got much older. Now she’s happily married and on good terms with her father.

Kimberly Stewart (Alana Stewart)

The first child with Alana Hamilton (Rod Stewart’s spouse in the mid 90’s), Kimberly is arguably one of the most strong-willed of Rod’s children. She’s also very close to her father, being one of his pillars of strength after Rod divorced from his second wife.

Kimberly Stewart with father, Rod Stewart
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Sean Stewart (Sean Roderick Stewart)

On the other hand, Sean’s early life looked a lot like Rod’s: partying, women, and drugs. Admittedly causing more worry to his father than all of his other siblings, he’s thankfully cleaned up his act after mellowing out his early adult years. He now owns a clothing line.

Sean Stewart
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Ruby Stewart

Fiercely loyal to her mother Kelly Emberg, Ruby’s made quite a name for herself as a country singer. Part of the band The Sisterhood, Ruby and Rod now celebrate their musical achievements together—really touching, considering that she’s one of the siblings that took a while to reconcile with her dad.

Ruby Stewart
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Renee Stewart

The first daughter of Rod with Rachel Hunter, Renee is one of the quieter ones in the bunch but makes up for it with her stunning good looks and dance moves. She’s extremely down to earth and loves spending time with her father after her performances.

Renee Stewart
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Liam Stewart

Liam’s an up-and-coming ice hockey player and regularly bonds with his father over sports. This rugged young man gets right in the middle of the action—he specialises in blocking the puck, which has gotten him injured. He shows no signs of slowing down though!

Rob Stewart family portrait
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Alastair Stewart

Taking after his older brother Liam, Alastair is a gifted swimmer and plays football, with his doting father always at the stands of his games.

Aiden Stewart

Finally, little Aiden Stewart is known for being “the wildest little performer of the family,” according to his mother, Penny Lancaster. He’s quite fond of cross-dressing, which Rod is totally fine with if it makes Aiden happy.

Final Words

While Rod has acknowledged that he could’ve been a better father to all of his children when he was younger, he’s certainly doing his best to make up for all those missed years. Better late than never, right?

Rod Stewart’s kids show that given enough time, even the wildest of spirits can settle down, have a family, and lead a quiet life. While this rockstar will always be known for his crazy youth, his transformation is a testament to the power of a loving family. Anyone can throw a wild party, but it takes something special to raise children.

Rod Stewart With His Wife
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