EXCLUSIVE: Jordie Hansen opens up about the gender reveal of his and Sam Frost’s baby!

“It was wild…”
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The latest episode of Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains gave viewers a sweet insight to Jordie Hansen and Sam Frost’s relationship.

Jordie, a current contestant on the hit reality show, bid on a phone call home just so he could speak briefly to fiance Sam; who’s currently pregnant with their child.

WATCH: Sam Frost reveals the gender of her and Jordie Hansen’s baby

And during the call, Sam shared that they’re expecting a boy!

WHO spoke to Jordie and asked whether he knew that Sam was going to reveal such exciting news over the phone.

“I knew, not long after I left, that Sam was finding out the gender of the baby but for me, that call wasn’t just about finding out the gender, it was about finding out the general well being of the baby. I was desperate for news. How he was, was he healthy, was he growing properly,” Jordie told us.

sam frost jordie hansen
Sam Frost and Jordie Hansen are expecting a baby boy! (Credit: Instagram)

Jordie also shared how elated and comforted chatting with Sam on the phone made him feel.

“It was wild because, first of all, I was happy with whatever gender the baby was, honestly it did not bother me but I think when I heard Sam’s voice and seeing her smiling and looking so much healthier than when I left her, I felt, it was just a huge sense of relief, I was just overcome with relief…”

Sam is due to give birth any day now but Jordie revealed that the couple still haven’t settled on a name as they both originally thought they were having a girl.

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“Actually, we were convinced we were having a girl, that’s what we thought between ourselves before we knew so when I got to Samoa I was thinking about girls names! Then all that went out the window once we knew it was a boy,” Jordie said.

“It was a funny thing, for me, finding out we were having a boy meant I felt like it wasn’t just like an alien in Sam’s belly, like he’s got a character now…”

Australian Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains is released on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays on 10 and 10 Play.

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