The End Of Jelena: A Timeline Of Justin And Selena’s Relationship

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber: learn more about Jelena’s full relationship history.

It’s been a few months since teen Hollywood’s power couple Jelena – aka Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez – finally broke up. But even though both stars moved on, their fans never lost hope that they would reunite.

Why did they break up?

And what’s the latest news on their relationship status?

We give you the full timeline of their dating history and the juicy deets on how they handled their very public breakups!

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Keeping It On The Downlow In 2010

Though they’ve known each other since 2009, singer Justin Bieber and actress-singer Selena Gomez sparked rumours in 2010 when they were spotted holding hands in Philadelphia. Fans were quick to jump on the possibility of the pair dating, and the famous name Jelena was born.

It wasn’t until February 2011 that the pair confirmed that they were an item at a red carpet event. Selena was 18-years-old and Justin was 17, and they were two of the most popular teen stars in Hollywood. Back then, Justin had a pretty clean-cut reputation, and fans were rabidly protective of him. They weren’t too thrilled that he was dating Selena.

Plagued By Breakup Rumours: Justin Just Can’t Stay Faithful

The first crack in the relationship started when Justin was named in a paternity suit in November 2011. Though the suit was later dropped, this was when goss spread that Selena was worried that Justin was seeing other girls.

The two continued to make some public appearances through most of 2012, despite talk of Justin’s unfaithfulness and Selena’s pent-up anger. 

In October 2012, when Justin posted and then deleted an Instagram photo captioned ‘Lingse that fans were sure there was trouble in paradise. It definitely looks like the anagram of ‘single’ to us!

Their official split happened in November 2012. Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber claimed that they were breaking up due to scheduling difficulties, which Beliebers found hard to swallow after he was soon linked to Victoria’s Secret models Barbara Palvin and Miranda Kerr

They Tried To Make It Work On Vacation

Despite the breakup, they were spotted kissing at an airport in December 2012, and they even went on vacation together for New Year’s Eve. After the vacation, the pair reportedly decided not to rekindle their romance. Selena sent a telling Tweet on January 1, 2013: “New beginnings. Fresh start. I love you all 🙂

Through most of 2013, the pair kept teasing at an on-and-off relationship with social media posts. In May 2013, Selena publicly greeted Justin with a kiss on the cheek at the Billboard Music Awards. Her bestie, Grammy winning-singer Taylor Swift, was allegedly not Justin’s biggest fan. She was spotted making a face when the pair reunited.

2014: The Second Big Rift

After that bit of red carpet sweetness, Justin and Selena are spotted several times having some serious PDA moments, from dirty dancing to spending the Fourth of July together in 2014. Hopes of a reunion were swiftly crushed in April that year. The two allegedly fought in Coachella over pics of Kylie Jenner which Selena found on Justin’s phone. He was later romantically linked to her, Yovanna Venture, and Adriana Lima. Yikes!

Selena later released a single in November 2014 entitled The Heart Wants What It Wants, about someone who stays in a relationship despite knowing that they should give up and move on. This tearful song won over a lot of Justin’s fans, who used to hate Selena and claimed she used him for fame. 

Selena later said Justin had seen the video and that it was really hard for him. The Spring Breakers actress admitted,  I’m upset when he’s upset. I’m happy when he’s happy. I don’t want anything bad to ever happen to him. It hurts me. That’s all.

Moving On To Other People

Reports of a romance between model Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber first surfaced in December 2014. In early 2015, Selena is linked to music producer Zedd. The two still see each other from time to time, prompting fans to think that Selena’s smash hit Same Old Love, a song about not wasting time on a bad relationship, is about Justin.

Through all of 2015, the two always had kind things to say to each other. That changed when Justin said in a 2016 interview with GQ that Selena was the only bad breakup he’s ever had, and that she inspired a lot of the tracks on Purpose.

Selena’s only reply? She told W Magazine, I honestly am so done. I care about his health and well-being. But I can’t do it anymore.” Soon after this she was linked to actor Orlando Bloom.

Anyone Who Dates Them Is Going To Be Targeted By Fans!

Justin’s first confirmed, public relationship since Selena infuriated fans. Sofia Richie, his new girlfriend, was bombarded with a lot of hate on social media. Their relationship soon fizzled out, but it was clear that anyone linked to either Justin or Selena would be the target of Jelena fans.

In 2017, Selena starts dating singer The Weeknd. She released the breakup anthem It Ain’t Me with Kygo, which was a chart-topping success. The lyrics ‘I had a dream we were back to 17 made fans think it was a jab at Justin! Justin released his own song, Friends, which had Beliebers looking for Selena references. With all these hit songs about each other, it makes you wonder why the two never collaborated on a single!

Selena had a kidney transplant in September 2017, and fans expected that this ordeal would have Justin expressing his support for her, as he had in the past. But apparently he never even knew about it. One source told TMZ, “They don’t talk. Period.”

Selena broke up with The Weeknd in late 2017 and was soon dating Justin again. Photos of the pair bicycling and kissing in December 2017 had their fans hopeful, especially when he stood by Selena as she entered treatment for depression in 2018.

2018-2019: Jelena Is Officially Over For Good

In March 2018, Selena’s mother allegedly couldn’t trust Justin because of their rocky relationship history. They officially broke up in May 2018, and in June, Justin is spotted with ex Hailey Baldwin. Hailey was publicly attacked by Beliebers, and she was called a snake for initially supporting Jelena, then dating Justin. 

In November 2018, Justin confirmed that he and Hailey were married, shocking many fans and putting to rest any hope of a Jelena reunion. To put the final nail in the coffin, a social media fight erupted between Selena’s bestie Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.

Taylor tweeted about her fight for her master recordings from Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun. Scooter had purchased the masters from her old record label, which Taylor claimed she was not given a chance to buy for herself.

Justin soon posted a screenshot of a FaceTime call between himself, Scooter, and Kanye West. Taylor has a lot of bad blood with the two, so it was clear Justin was trying to provoke her and expressing he was Team Scooter. In retaliation, Taylor started liking Tumblr posts about Justin cheating on Selena, which many took as confirmation that all the breakups were Justin’s fault.

We’re Glad This Love Story Wrapped Up, TBH

Justin’s marriage has crushed the perfect image of Jelena’s young love, but honestly that’s a good thing! Given their messy past of breaking up and getting back together, the two were only bound to keep hurting each other. We hope their new relationships will be healthier for them, and that their shippers give their new partners some breathing space! We know it’s hard to give up on your dream team, but they weren’t doing each other any good!

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