Travis Fimmel’s History With Calvin Klein

Travis Fimmel has a history you probably haven’t heard of! Find out more about his past as a Calvin Klein model.

Travis Fimmel is an Aussie actor famous for his breakout role as Ragnar on Vikings. If you don’t know anything about his background, you’re in for a treat!

Ditch the beard and the Viking armour! We’re swapping them out for a freshly-shaved face, some golden surfer locks, and a pair of underwear. Take a few deep breaths because things are about to get hot and steamy!

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His Humble Beginnings

Travis grew up on a dairy farm in Lockington with two older brothers, in an interview he claimed that he milked cows every day of the year, twice a day”. His family encouraged him to study and move to Melbourne in his late teens. At the time, he wanted to play for an Aussie rules football team but an unfortunate leg injury got in the way of his footy dreams.

A young Travis Fimmel sitting on his apartment balcony in 2002
(Credit: Paul Harris via Getty Images)

Then one day destiny took hold! Travis was working out at the local gym when a talent scout from the Chadwick Models agency took notice and immediately offered him a contract. The rest is pretty much history!

Travis Fimmel The Model

In 2002, he signed a huge deal with LA models that was reported to have been worth a whopping six figures! He got an apartment in Hollywood, California and began his unexpected launch into stardom.

Steven Klein shared the first moment he met Travis on a piece with Interview Magazine. So he walks into my studio, into my office, and it was like drop-dead…his presence was jaw-dropping. I called Steven Klein right away and said: don’t do anything. Just put him in the underwear and put him up against the window.

Travis Fimmel & Calvin Klein

Travis worked exclusively with Calvin Klein for about a year. He was the main attraction for all CK’s Crave fragrance commercials. Soon, photos of his chiselled features and washboard abs were showcased in magazines and billboards all over the world.

His long blonde hair, blue eyes, and boy-next-door vibe had everyone’s attention! The same year he made his debut, he was listed as one of the world’s sexiest bachelors by People magazine.

His Ads Aren’t Just Fads

There’s a funny story that involves taking down his billboard in London for causing traffic and a few accidents on the road. When asked about it, he laughed it off claiming he wasn’t sure if it was true. Who would have guessed that this country boy would become the most in-demand male model in the world!

Travis As Tarzan

He landed the lead role his first TV series back in 2003. He played John Clayton AKA Tarzan, and did most of his own stunts while shooting! With only eight episodes, the show was short-lived and ran for just one season.

Becoming An Actor

After Tarzan, Travis decided he wanted to dip his foot into the world of acting! So he borrowed USD$1000 from his manager to take acting classes, and off he went.


He stated that he never wanted to become an actor as a kid, and he’s admitted that he’s mostly in it to get enough money to buy a plot of land and become a farmer again!

Fimmel On Film

Travis’ has played a pretty versatile range of characters. He’s played a murderer on Restraint and a party boy in Surfer, Dude. He became an undercover FBI agent in The Beast, a fugitive on Chase, and then a gang member on Outlaw Country! Some of his other notable movies are The Baytown Outlaws, The Experiment, and Finding Steve McQueen.

The King Of Vikings

In 2013, Travis was cast as the legendary viking Ragnar Lothbrok for the History Channel’s drama television series Vikings. One of the highlights of the show was seeing Ragnar tentatively explore a secret gay relationship with his slave-turned-best friend Athelstan.

The Warcraft Warrior

His engaging performance as the human military commander Anduin Lothar definitely brought the World Of Warcraft to life! The live-action movie was a great adaptation of the classic video game and it was well-received by fans.

What Is Travis Fimmel Doing Now?

He recently starred in the film Battle Close: The Battle of Long Tan. The movie is based on true historical events about Australian and New Zealand soldiers during the Vietnam war. We’re also watching out for his upcoming flicks Dreamland and El Tonto.

How Old Is Travis?

At age 40, he’s fantastically fit and totally single!

Is Travis Married?

He’s not married, but he has been linked to actresses Nicole Appleton and Serena Viharo, among other lovely ladies.

His Private Life

As famous as he is, he appreciates privacy and solitude. In his spare time, he still enjoys much of what he did growing up like playing footy, surfing, horse riding, camping, and biking. For a guy with an estimated net worth of USD$3-million, he’s a pretty laid back dude.


Travis recently shared in an interview with GQ Magazine If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit

Even with all his success, he remains relatable and down-to-earth. From farm boy, to high-class model, and now a recognised actor; Travis seems like a humble guy with many talents!

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