Cyrell speaks out: “I feel sorry for my child”

She's finally opening up about why she called time on her romance with the Love Island star.
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After remaining tight-lipped about her split from her boyfriend of seven months, Eden Dally, a heartbroken Cyrell Paule has finally opened up about facing the reality of life as a single mother.

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In a candid interview with New Idea, the fiery Married At First Sight star— who’s four months away from giving birth to her first child—says the “unspeakable pain and disappointment” of bringing a child into a broken home has been weighing heavily on her mind. 

I was desperate for our son to have a mother and a father  a happy home, a happy life,” said Cyrell who was recently forced to reunite with her ex-boyfriend to face court over a defamation case.

Now I go into this all alone. It is devastating. It is the last thing I ever wanted. Everyone thinks this was an easy decision. It really wasn’t.”

Cyrell and Eden were recently forced to reunite to face court. (Credit: Diimex)

“It’s easy to break up with someone when you are no longer in love with them. It’s much harder breaking up when you are still in love with them … I do love Eden,” she continued. 

As for why they decided to call time on their whirlwind romance— which was once rumoured to be a publicity stunt— the 30-year-old said she and Eden couldn’t help but butt heads over their different parenting values. 

“Honestly, I just think we wanted different things. I was happy to stay at home and focus on the baby whereas … Eden still wanted to go out and do his thing,” the controversial reality TV star said. 

Cyrell announced she’d split from Eden on October 25. (Credit: Instagram)

“We were going in different directions. I wanted to see certain changes in Eden as a partner and as much as he was trying  it wasn’t really in him.”

While the soon to be mum says she’s trying to move on with her life and remain positive, there are still unresolved issues between the once happy couple. 

Cyrell and Eden revealed to the world they were expecting a baby boy in September. (Credit: Instagram)

Even now he is asking what are the plans for the kid? When does he get to see him? When do I have him? What happens with the things he needs?”

“I really do feel sorry for my child. He won’t get what other kids have. He won’t come home and see both the parents there,” she says.

Less than a day after Cyrell abruptly announced their separation on Instagram, Eden was spotted grabbing a drink with Instagram model Nicole Shiraz.

While he insisted they were “just friends”, Cyrell seemingly confirmed there was more to the story when she launched an attack on the social media star, calling her “pathetic” and accusing her of using the former couple to gain notoriety. 

Nicole and Cyrell have been locked i (Credit: Instagram)

“I have no respect for people who use others during their difficult time to promote themselves,” she wrote on Instagram. “People taking advantage of a situation and making the father of my child look bad. And to be pathetic enough to write and appear like you wish us both well. All of this to promote yourself and to gain followers.

“You know who you are, you know what you set up and arranged. I would say your name and tag you but you’re that irrelevant to me … Oops look at that, I’ve already forgotten your name.”

After Cyrell’s fans flooded Nicole’s Instagram with nasty comments, she took to social media to respond to her fiery attack. 

Cyrell and Eden looked more in love than ever during their baby shower. (Credit: Instagram)

“Perhaps you should face your issues like a grown woman and actually address your problems rather than placing them all on social media. You know what the real situation is here, however, instead of talking about this like adults in private you would rather play the victim because your life revolves around attention (that no one cares about).

“I suppose that’s the only thing you know because that’s how you got your followers in the first place. I can’t relate because you and I are on two different wavelengths.”

In an attempt to get the last word, Cyrell replied to Nicole’s public dig in a cryptic post.

“People who have no life will always try to start drama in yours,” she wrote. 

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