Dannii Minogue On Creating Britain’s First Same-Sex Dating Show

“It’s about time, right?”
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When it comes to finding The One, Dannii Minogue wholeheartedly believes in the power of a first kiss.

“When you kiss, you know straight away if you feel that electricity, the tingles and butterflies,” she tells WHO.

And that is why her new show, I Kissed a Boy, doesn’t shy away from snogging – or make how many people you share a pash with a controversial issue. 

In fact, on Minogue’s turf, it’s the first thing participants do after laying eyes on each other. That isn’t the only difference, though, as I Kissed a Boy is also Britain’s first exclusively gay dating show.

“It’s about time, right?” Minogue exclaims. “I can’t believe it’s 2023 and this is just the first one. It’s a simple idea that just feels like it should have been around forever, in hindsight.”

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This isn’t the 51-year-old Aussie singer and actress’ initial foray into reality TV. Minogue had a ball as a judge on the Australian version of The Masked Singer from 2019 to 2021.

She also spent three years in the noughties as a judge on the The X Factor UK – which wasn’t quite as much fun. Contestants from the British talent show have come forward in recent years to accuse the program of unfair editing and a lack of support for vulnerable participants.

Even Minogue didn’t emerge unscathed, telling Psychologies magazine in 2021 that she felt like she was working in a “pressure cooker”. 

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So this time around, she wants to make sure her new show becomes just as well-known for its much more considered and compassionate approach, as well as for being good entertainment. This has been achieved through a meticulous screening process and having a crew made up of fellow queer males and friendly allies, plus having an on-set psychiatrist.

“It’s definitely time for kindness,” she explains. “I was very interested in doing it but I had a lot of reservations about the kind of show it was going to be. Luckily my values and those of the production company aligned, otherwise I wouldn’t have done it. I have too many beautiful gay friends to not do this the right way.”

Minogue has long lived a jetsetting life, regularly shuttling back and forth between Oz and the UK for work. However, this is increasingly becoming a less attractive option, as heading overseas means she’ll be apart from her 13-year-old son, Ethan Smith. But the chance to play Cupid in paradise was an offer she couldn’t pass up.

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“I used to do shows that were a lot more time-demanding, but as Ethan was moving into school and not so mobile, that really became not an option for me,” she explains.

“First and foremost, my priority will always be my family, which speaks to how important I really found this show.”

In fact, as soon as filming wrapped last year, Minogue started campaigning for the ladies to get their chance at finding love as well. This is why she joins WHO today for a chat on the phone from the very beautiful Puglia in Southern Italy, where she is filming I Kissed a Girl.

“It’s only fair,” Minogue says. “What I’m hoping is that Australia loves it just as much as I do, and then I can come home and film an Aussie version too.”

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