Gogglebox Australia: The Silberys are back and they’re better than ever

The outrageous nan, mum and daughter are ready to deliver more hilarious verdicts on your favourite shows!
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From their Melbourne sitting room to ours, the playful bickering, sex talk and laughs from the Silbery household have been entertaining us since 2016, in Season 3.

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And the three generations are back goggling at the box this week.

“We’re beautiful, intelligent and very funny!” Kerry, 65, laughs as she, daughter Isabelle, 33, and mum Emmie, who turns 91 next month, sit down for a chat with WHO.

“We’re raring to go!” Emmie declares, revealing she’s become a major celebrity in her town. “I can’t go anywhere without people saying ‘I know you from somewhere!’ and I ask ‘well do you watch TV?’ Eventually they come around and figure it out,” she grins. “One time we were on a boat around Hayman Island and a boat kept circling us yelling out ‘Gogglebox, Gogglebox!’”

“We’re raring to go!” (Credit: Instagram)

Isabelle chuckles saying: “We’re in that awkward position between a celebrity and someone you feel like you’re friends with. I literally can’t pick my nose at the traffic lights anymore!” Making cheeky comments about primetime shows may have made them famous, but it’s something they’ve done for as long as they can remember.

“Em used to pick me up from primary school and take me home, and then when Mum got back from work we’d have a cup of tea and watch the Golden Girls together,” Isabelle remembers.

“Obviously, I’m a single mum in my 30s now. They both come over and help me and put my son to bed and we still sit down and watch the box together. We’ve all been single for a long time, give or take different partners here or there. We’re like each other’s husbands!”

“Too right! It’s great we don’t have to consult a male person!” Emmie chips in, before Kerry adds: “Well, I feel like I’m the husband for both of you!”

All three agree that the secret to their success is they’re just being themselves. “We need to be honest about the fact we’ve all got faults and we are what we are, and we shouldn’t be ashamed and pretend we’re something else,” Kerry says firmly.

(Credit: Foxtel)

Isabelle agrees. “There’s never been anything made up, everything the media put out there is pretty much true,” she says.

Kerry interrupts her daughter with a laugh: “Hang on, what about the time that paparazzi photographed you at the beach
and put a six-pack on you?”

“Oi, Mum!” Isabelle responds. “I do have asix-pack!

Three new Gogglebox households have also been announced after beloved Goggleboxers Adam Densten and Symon Lovett – not to mention the Jackson family—confirmed they were leaving the show. 

Here’s what we know so far…

MILO AND NIC, Gold Coast

Flatmates and best buds Milo and Nic began their bromance a decade ago after meeting at a retail surf store where they were working.

Milo, who got his nickname from wearing a Milo shirt in his younger years, is a retail regional manager, while Nic is a primary school teacher.

(Credit: Foxtel)

KADAY AND CHANTEL, Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs

Kaday, who moved to Australia from Sierre Leonne as a refugee when she was 12, met Chantel while the pair were hanging their washing at their shared apartment building – and have been best friends ever since.

The two best friends are set to bring some girl power to the series.

They love being at the beach where Chantel is teaching Kaday to swim, which they say resembles scenes from Bondi Rescue.

(Credit: Foxtel)


The Elias family loves nothing more than curling up on the couch, eating food and sharing some quality time.

Dad Les, mum Danielle, and their three kids Jacob, Lily Rose and Ivy are a busy household. In between taking the kids to dancing, swimming and soccer, Danielle is a photographer and Les owns a car dealership – while he also has a side hustle growing micro-greens.

(Credit: Foxtel)

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