EXCLUSIVE: BIP’s Jess spills on Ciarran’s surprise apology

“I got an apology about 10 days ago."
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When Bachelor In Paradise aired last year there was more drama than we could poke a palm frond at, and one individual seemed to be at the centre of almost all of it – Ciarran Stott.

Now, almost a year later fellow BIP star and ex Jessica Brody reveals she’s finally received an apology from the Brit over his bad behaviour.

WATCH: Jess & Ciarran’s split on Bachelor In Paradise.

When Jessica’s elimination from Bachelor in Paradise aired on Aussie television, she was inundated with messages.

The reality star and model was unceremoniously dropped by resident fraterniser Ciarran – who had switched his sights to newcomer Kiki Morris.

Twisting the knife further, fans later discovered Ciarran and Kiki had made some sort of Paradise pact together before going on the show and he’d lied to both women. 

Jess Brody Ciarran Stott
Jess and Ciarran made a seemingly perfect match. (Credit: Channel Ten)

In an exclusive chat with WHO on all things dating, sexual wellness and reality TV, Jessica revealed Ciarran *finally* apologised to her just a matter of days before we spoke.

“I got an apology about maybe 10 days ago,” Jess says.  

“We haven’t spoken since the show was on and I reached out to him about a song that was playing on his [Instagram] story, I was trying to figure out what song it was. I just asked him about it.

“And then he was like, ‘I just want to say sorry for how things went down last year.’”

Jess brody
Jess was inundated with message of support following the TV split. (Credit: Channel Ten)

BIP beauty Jess isn’t holding any animosity towards Ciarran.

“I know that he got a lot of backlash, I know how hard that can be. But it was nice to finally get an apology.”

Jess faced backlash herself just last week for posting about Australia Day before attending a celebration with friends.

“It honestly was a mistake. I’ve always been somebody who has tried to advocate and be a voice so for me to go to a party, I didn’t think it through and I take full responsibility for that.”


Reality star Jess often uses her social media platform to have open and honest conversations about everything from her own mental health struggles to sexual wellness.

And it proves a constant breath of fresh air.

“I think it is really important to keep reminding people that everybody struggles and you’re not alone. And I will sit there and reply to messages from other people that are dealing with anxiety or depression.

“I’m very, very passionate about mental health.”

Jess brody
Jess is an open book when it comes to both mental and sexual wellness. (Credit: Instagram)

Jess has become an ambassador for sexual wellness brand Womanizer and believes there’s a strong link between mental and sexual health.

“It’s proven by science that having orgasms can help you relieve stress, it releases happy brain chemicals and help you get better sleep.”

She’s hoping her willingness to talk openly online will help break the taboos around sexuality and wellness.

“When I was growing up, I didn’t really have anyone that did educate me on these things. And it took me well into my twenties to even understand my own anatomy.

“I didn’t even own one [a vibrator] until I was in my twenties because I was too embarrassed to go and buy one, which is ridiculous!”

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