Kris Smith and Sarah Boulazeris’ surprising love story

They've found their happily ever after.
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Kris Smith has seemingly found his happily ever after with fiancée Sarah Boulazeris, after the couple announced their engagement at their daughter Frankie’s first birthday in December last year.

WATCH BELOW: Kris Smith surprises wife Sarah Boulazeris on their anniversary

While the surprise proposal came as a shock to fans, no one was more taken aback than Sarah, who had been led to believe Kris wasn’t going to pop the question.

Speaking during an Instagram Q+A session in early 2020, Kris seemingly shut down marriage talk, when he told fans he had no intention of tying the knot unless Sarah proposed.

Kris with Sarah at Christmas time. (Credit: Instagram)

“I get asked this a lot… When will I marry Sarah? When she gets off her ass and proposes! It’s 2020 now, she needs to propose, put a ring on it,” Kris quipped at the time.

But despite the former rugby player’s cheeky red herring, he eventually did propose – and Sarah said ‘yes’.

But how did their fairy-tale romance come to be?

Well, as it turns out, Kris met Sarah in 2017, a few years after splitting from his former partner, Dannii Minogue, who gave birth to his son Ethan, now 10.

At the time, Kris had just ended a relationship with model and nutritionist Maddy King, but after meeting Sarah at Sydney’s popular Base Gym, he was reportedly ‘smitten’.

The family celebrating Chris’s birthday. (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking about their first encounter during his stint on his I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! in 2017, Kris revealed he was drawn to the fitness influencer’s personality.

“She’s herself… She’s such a good person and that’s why I was drawn to her,” Kris confessed of his fiancée, who appeared on season 11 of Australia’s Next Top Model in 2011.

After dating for more than a year, the couple relocated from Sydney to Melbourne, shortly after welcoming their first child together, a daughter called Mila Elle, now three, in December 2018.

And then, 12 months later, the couple welcomed their second child together, another girl named Frankie Elle Smith on December 12, 2019.

“She’s such a good person and that’s why I was drawn to her,” Kris said of Sarah. (Credit: Instagram)

Sharing the news of Frankie’s birth on his social media, Kris not only gushed over the adorable infant, but also professed his love and adoration for his now fiancée.

“Sarah, you were a complete rock as always, you amaze me every day… thank you for another precious gift I love you beyond words,” he captioned a sweet snap of the pair locking lips.

Speaking about fatherhood in his recent Instagram Q&A, Kris confessed he would happily have more children, but Sarah appears to be content with two youngsters – at least for now.

“Look I’d probably have about ten but Sarah’s told me that’s it no more,” Kris said of his fiancée, who has also reflected on motherhood on her own Instagram.

“You’ll find me here for the next few years.” (Credit: Instagram)

“All the milestones, sleepless nights, two front teeth, obstacles, tears and first steps make it all a truly magical adventure. You’ll find me here for the next few years,” Sarah penned.

And while the pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works, as far as his employment is concerned, Kris recently admitted it has given him the opportunity to focus on being a dad.

“I’ve not travelled half as much, so I’ve got to see the girls really progress. Frankie started to crawl, I saw that for the first time. We’re teaching Mila lots of new tricks…” Kris said on The Daily Edition.

“This is time that I would never ever get back, so I don’t want to be disrespectful to people that have lost absolutely everything, but for me, it’s been quite a beautiful time.”

As for what’s next, you’ll be able to catch Kris on Dancing with the Stars come January 2022.

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