We finally know Kylie Jenner’s son’s name

Unexpected...but so cute!
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After Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott announced that their baby boy would no longer be named Wolf, the world has patiently waited for the new name. 

Fans watched The Kardashians season two where Kylie finally addressed all those baby name rumours…yet she still didn’t announce the new name. 

But now, almost a year later Kylie has taken to Instagram to share her son’s name and some adorable snaps of the almost-one-year-old. 

Watch Below: Kylie Jenner, ‘To Our Son.’

So what is the youngest Jenner baby’s name? Aire! 

Little Aire Webster also made his proper debut on Kylie’s Instagram, with his sweet face on full display in the pictures – a big change considering Kylie had kept his face private for almost a year. 


Kylie Jenner baby
So Cute! (Credit: Instagram)

During the second episode of season two, Kylie addressed the whole Wolf debacle, explaining why the couple chose the name before changing their minds. 

Explaining that she and Travis “really didn’t have a name,” Kylie shared with Kris that she thought the name would come to the new parents when they saw their baby for the first time – but “it didn’t.” 

So why did they originally name their son Wolf? Kylie shared in the episode that they had 24 hours to choose a name before their son would have been registered without a name, which would then mean he “doesn’t get a certificate, a social security number, like the whole thing.”

“I felt the pressure to choose a name.”

Explaining why the couple chose the name Wolf specifically, Kylie also shared with Kris that it was Khloe who originally suggested the cute name and the couple liked the idea of the ‘WW’ initials. 

“So we just put Wolf Webster in that moment and right after I signed the birth certificate, I was like what did I just do?” 

Whilst Kylie put a positive spin on the ordeal, explaining that “It’s a part of his story,” she did confirm he is no longer named Wolf.

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When asked if she was ready to share his name, Kylie dropped another bombshell that the couple still hadn’t legally changed their son’s name!

“It hasn’t been changed legally yet,” Kylie shared before explaining in a confessional-style interview that Travis still changes his mind. 

“Travis actually changes his name a few times! He will come back and be like ‘I really like this name’ and then for the day call him that.”

“I’m waiting for him to just name himself,” an exasperated Kylie told audiences. 

Kylie and Travis name announcement
After announcing her son’s name, Kylie took to Instagram to tell fans the coupe had changed their mind. (Credit: Instagram)

In the season two finale of The Kardashians, Kylie gave fans another update on her baby name, revealing that the family had yet to legally change the name. 

“My baby’s name is still Wolf. I’ll let you guys know when I change it,” she told the camera. “Maybe I’ll tell you guys in Season 3.”

Kylie Jenner
(Credit: Instagram)

Whilst people were respectful of the new family’s choice to keep the name under wraps, it’s no secret fans are jumped at any new pieces of information for potential clues on what the name could be. 

With so many theories and guesses swirling around the internet, we rounded up the most popular predictions…and although they weren’t quite right they were pretty convincing! 

Kylie Jenner Baby Announcement
Kylie announced the birth of her son on Instagram (Credit: Instagram)


Fans were quick to jump at a slip up on social media recently, thinking Kylie had revealed the name during Kourtney and Travis’ Italian wedding. 

Kylie captioned an Instagram post with her daughter, “Just me, storm, and coconut travelling the world together” and fans were convinced the guessing game was over. 

Sister Khloe egged on fans, commenting “I love you three” and “Coconut is too cute.”

But the theory was quickly shut down with Kylie replying “we love her,” revealing that the barbie in her daughter’s hand was assumably named Coconut.

Kylie and Stormi
Kylie, Stormi and… Coconut (Credit: Instagram)


Fans were quick to speculate whether Stormi’s brother was named Angel after news broke that Kylie had welcomed a second child. 

Grandmother Kris Jenner threw fans into a frenzy when she commented “angel pie” on Kylie’s post, whilst sister Kim replied with an angel emoji and blue heart. 

Fans saw these two comments as enough proof that the baby’s name would be Angel, and whilst Kylie soon announced his name to be Wolf, this initial baby name guess is still quite believable.

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After baby number two was born in February, many believed Kylie and Travis would name their son Valentine. 

Whilst their baby boy was born on the 2nd of the month, fans still speculated that the close proximity to Valentine’s day could lead to the Cupid-inspired name. 

A viral Tik Tok video from lifeofroryofficial further propelled the rumoured baby name after they highlighted a potential business-savvy plan. 

“Kylie Jenner has given birth. So, why do I think she’s called the child Valentine? You might want to hear this. So, it’s obviously coming up to Valentine’s Day and she’s just released her collection. It drops on the fourth of February at 3PM. This is extremely smart. But this is so smart, because anytime you type up ‘Valentine and Kylie Jenner’ what is going to come up? Her collection” they explained.

Kylie Jenner Fathers Day
Can you see Jacob? (Credit: Instagram)


Most recently, fans are convinced Kylie’s second child’s name has been changed to Jacob, using a number of hidden ‘clues’ to back up their theory. 

In a video montage posted on Mother’s Day, Kylie used the song “To Our Daughter” by artist My Best Friend Jacob which eagle-eyed fans grabbed onto. 

Additionally, in a video posted for Father’s Day, Stormi can be seen close to an easel with a painting of two stick figures. 

Determined fans zoomed into the painting and claim the two figures are labelled ‘Daddy’ and ‘Jacob,’ believing the video is substantial proof of the new baby’s name. 

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