How Lara Worthington got her best body ever!

The Aussie star is strong and fit - crediting it all to her new fave workout.
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Since becoming a mum-of-three, Lara Worthington has been looking stronger and sexier than ever.

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“Before I had kids, I was always trying to get skinny or be a certain weight,” the 33-year-old told Marie Claire earlier this year, adding that her 20s were “so centred on body issues”.

But “the moment I just let myself be happy in my body,” says the model mum, “it really changed for me.”

Lara Worthington
Worthington has never looked better. (Credit: Instagram)

Part of that change may have been in finding an exercise regimen she truly loves, with Worthington crediting Pilates for her incredibly toned look of late.

“Now that I am in Sydney, I do Pilates at Fluidform with Kirsten King three to four times a week,” the star recently told RUSSH magazine of her fitness mainstay.

Lara Worthington
The model has got back into shape using pilates. (Credit: Instagram)

“Pilates has the ability to change your whole body by improving your posture and overall functional movement as you become stronger and more flexible,” Fluidform’s founder and head trainer King tells WHO, adding that “the best form of motivation is when you see results, which comes from commitment, consistency and progression”.

And if Worthington’s progress is anything to go by, we’re definitely on board!

According to Joseph Pilates, who invented the now wildly popular exercise regimen, “in 10 sessions you will feel better, in 20 you will look better, and in 30 you will have a whole new body”. 

Lara Worthington
Fluidform At Home has been Worthington’s go-to. (Credit: Instagram)

So with a session every day (as King recommends), you should notice visible changes in just three short weeks.

“Working out for 15-20 minutes a day is the equivalent of spending two hours a week in the studio or gym,” she explains of her Fluidform at-home program.

“FFAH is designed to offer quick and effective workouts that you can squeeze in around your schedule, making daily movement a non-negotiable.”

Lara Worthington
The mum-of-three is fit and fab! (Credit: Instagram)

Worthington is proof that Pilates has the power to create strong, fit bodies – and when paired with other lower intensity activity, it may even help its devotees drop as much as 10kg in just a month! How? For a long time, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) has been considered the gold standard in fast weight loss – and, yes, Pilates can definitely qualify!

“The original mat Pilates sequence of 34 moves – where you do a few repetitions of each before moving on to the next move – was maybe the first high-intensity body weight exercise,” Cat Webb, founder of Good Times Pilates, told Body and Soul.

Lara Worthington
The star is all about balance. (Credit: Instagram)

Worthington also admitted she likes to mix up her regular Pilates workouts with other things to get her heart rate up. “I like a combination of things,” she told RUSSH. “I recently invested in a treadmill to have at home when going out for my workout isn’t doable. [And] living close to the beach I regularly go for walks with friends and family.”

Of course, a healthy diet is also crucial for building a model physique. While Worthington admits she and the boys indulge in pizza twice a week, for the most part, the star’s diet consists of lean protein, low-GI carbs and loads of fresh vegies.

“After watching documentaries, learning from [director] James Cameron and influenced by my husband, we went vegetarian years ago and it has made a huge difference to our lives,” she added. “Inner health relates directly to outer health and I have always believed what we put inside is reflected on the outside.”

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(Credit: WHO)

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