The final four Love Island couples are here!

Two nights and four couples remain
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There are just days left of Love Island Australia, and tonight the final six couples were whittled down to a final four.

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Tonight, public vote found that Tina and Mitch and Jess and Aaron were the couples with the strongest connection, leaving them with the task of picking the two ‘weakest’ couples, who would then leave the island.

On Wednesday evening, Australia will decide the winning couple, and while we’re pretty sure it will come down to the same two couples, there are still two other pairs in the running.

Courtney and Noah and Chris and Zoe were picked to stay another day, with Taku and Michela and Eliza and Hugh leaving the villa tonight.

Hugh and Eliza, and Taku and Michela, were dumped from the villa tonight. (Credit: Nine)

While Michela and Taku told their friends that they felt they were growing stronger and stronger as a couple, and that they wanted to stay and see things through, Hugh and Eliza seemed quite defeated.

They failed to strike up a proper connection, and were living in the friendzone, making them an obvious choice to go.

In the end, Tina and Mitch decided that the lack of progress between Taku and Michela meant that their time was also up, leaving us with four couples as the finale looms closer!

(Credit: Nine)


It was a little bit surprising that these two were voted to have one of the strongest connections, given their history and the nasty fight they had a few weeks back.

When Jess accused Aaron of giving her a ‘filthy look’ when her boob slipped out of her top, the couple disintegrated into fighting, with Jess even telling Aaron she didn’t think she could ‘do this’ anymore. It took Aaron threatening to leave the villa to pull the pair back together, but they were separated again when Eliza chose to couple up with Aaron.

While they currently seem solid, they have difficult times ahead, with Aaron in Western Australia and Jess living in Sydney.

Even without border closures, that’s one big divide! Will they make it work?

(Credit: Nine)


It was less surprising that these two were among the strongest couples, as voted by the viewers. They’ve only gotten to new levels of adorable recently, constantly re-affirming their feelings for each other and kissing in corners of the villa.

Even tonight, they discussed what they’d be like as parents, and Tina admitted to her fellow islanders that while she didn’t feel the need she say she loved Mitch yet, she was definitely on the way.

Long-term season three viewers will remember their brief love triangle with Emily, who attempted to steal Mitch away, but for most of the season, they’ve just continued to go from strength to strength.

(Credit: Nine)


In our minds, these guys are among the strongest couples. Ex-islander Lexy Thornberry even told WHO that during filming, she was convinced they would win, but since watching the episode, she had switched her mind to think it’d be Tina and Mitch.

Chris and Zoe have remained a loved-up couple since they smooched on Zoe’s very first night in the villa, which has led now to Chris asking Zoe to be his girlfriend – super cute!

Even when it came to the elimination tonight, they said that whatever happened, they were happy to have each other. No matter what happens, these two seem like they’re going to go well in the outside world.

(Credit: Nine)


Folks seem less sold on Courtney and Noah, although they do seem more settled now that all other distractions – namely bombs Jade and Nic – are gone.

They’ve discussed visiting each other in their homes stated on-camera, so the distance doesn’t seem too daunting. However, out of the couples left, they are definitely the freshest, having coupled up at Casa, which might make it tough for them to take out the precious prize money.

We’ll be watching closely to see who wins!

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