Lucky in love! Here’s who won Love Island Australia

They found love in a hopeless place.
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After five weeks of looking for love in a Byron Bay villa, one couple were crowned tonight as the winning couple of Love Island Australia for season three.

WATCH BELOW: Love Island Australia | Mitch and Tina make it official

Tina and Mitch were announced as the winners in a final ceremony, hosted by Sophie Monk, as voted by the Australian audience.

They’ve won $50,000, which will be split between them.

This left Zoe and Chris and Jess and Aaron coming in as runners-up, missing out on the prize money, but leaving in a committed relationship.

Mitch and Tina took out the win! (Credit: Nine)

It was a big week for all three of the final couples, who all confirmed their feelings for each other and began official relationships during their last few days in the villa.

In tonight’s episode, the couples met each other’s friends and families via Zoom, and then gave their final commitments to each other on a flower-adorned bench.

While Zoe’s notes were super sweet, Chris blew it out of the water, writing her a poem.

Jess and Aaron shared their gratitude for each other, with Jess giving special mention to the fact that they’re both clean freaks, however, Australia picked Mitch and Tina for the win.

Of course, host Sophie Monk had to hand out the envelopes, with Tina receiving the $50,000. As expected, she chose love over money, meaning she would split the prize with Mitch.

Mitch and Tina at their final ‘commitment ceremony’. (Credit: Nine)

Mitch was drawn to Tina when he entered the villa as a bomb in the very first week, and they began getting to know each other immediately.

Things took a slight turn when another bomb, Emily, arrived, and took an interest in Mitch.

As a bomb, she was allowed to steal whichever boy she wanted, and chose to couple up with Mitch. However, Tina was saved by Taku, and thankfully remained in the villa, given that Mitch soon decided Emily was not for him, and headed back to Tina’s arms.

Tina and Mitch got to be puppy parents for a day. (Credit: Nine)

They survived being apart during Casa Amor, both remaining loyal to each other, and have since gone from strength to strength, with Mitch asking Tina to be his (first) girlfriend in last night’s episode, leading to a lot of happy tears being shed.

Tina resides in Sydney, while Mitch is a Melbourne boy, meaning the couple will have a lot to navigate as they continue their relationship on the outside.

However, we’re certain Mitch will be very dedicated to making his first relationship work, and we’re excited to see how things go for these two cuties!

(Credit: Nine)

This season of Love Island has seen it’s fair share of success already, with islanders Tayla Mellington and Ryan Reid apparently continuing to work on their romance outside the villa, and Taku Chimwaza admitting to WHO that he’s exclusive with Michela Louis.

And even though the winners have taken the money, the other two pairs are all so loved up that we’re certain they’ll be making it work, too, at least for a little while.

Prior to this season, Josh Moss and Amelia Marni from season one were the only Love Island Australia couple still together, so let’s hope that hit-rate only increases from here!

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