MAFS’ Beck admits she “cheated” on Jake

But not everything was as it seemed at the finale.
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It was one of the biggest cheating scandals that gobsmacked the Married At First Sight brides and grooms at this year’s finale, but up until now, bride Beck Zemek had been quite defensive about the clip of her and a secret man she claimed was her brother leaned up behind her for a kiss. And now, after that awkward defence, Beck has admitted to “cheating” on groom Jake Edwards… kinda.

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In a recent interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, Beck, having had some time to reflect on it all, said, “I do consider it to an extent cheating. But do I think cheating like that is a hard boundary that should end a relationship? No, I don’t.”

Married At First Sight’s Beck (pictured) admitted to cheating on Jake. (Credit: Channel Nine.)

“Jake and I weren’t obviously broken up at time, however, at the time that it did happen, I had written leave… I think it was 12 hours before that kiss,” she added. 

“And I know that my mental health and my state at that time was absolutely sh*t. And I can only try to forgive myself each day for what I did, because I still hurt Jake and that’s the most important part of it to me. However, I think our boundaries at the time weren’t where they needed to be.”

She continued: “In my mind at the time, I didn’t even think I was cheating on Jake. If anyone sees it that way, I’m happy to take it on board, but I know I stuck to my happiness and my truth. It’s not like I was having a sexual relationship with Jake and had someone on the side. Jake was very aware of how I was feeling about him at that moment.”

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Beck, who had flown back home to WA to attend to her sick dog, was handed a phone by producers and advised to film herself everyday so they could use some of her footage at home in the show. Cut to: that video. 

According to Beck, she had deleted the video of her and her new man on her phone but didn’t wipe it from her deleted files folder, which is where the producers found it.

We did some digging and this is who Married At First Sight bride Beck Zemeck has been secretly dating.

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