Laura Byrne takes aim at MAFS’ Brett after THAT letter about Booka

“I’d be p***ed too!"
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When this season of Married At First Sight began, hipster couple Booka Nile and Brett Helling seemed to be the fan favourite couple. But, after last night’s episode, where the two revealed they might not have the best line of communication for a relationship, fans were left divided – including former Bachelor winner Laura Byrne.

WATCH: Laura Byrne reacts to MAFS couple Booka and Brett

Like all of us, Laura, 34, finished watching last night’s MAFS wondering, “how is this happening?” and wasn’t shy when it came to calling out problematic behaviour.

“Booka is begging to have her feelings validated,” Laura told her Instagram followers in footage shared to her Story after watching Booka read Patrick’s letter that was clearly inspired by a conversation he had with her reality TV partner Brett.

“I’d be p***ed too if Matt was b****ing about me behind my back to his friends instead of communicating with me.”

Minutes later, the reality TV winner and Matty J’s fiancee was met with hundreds of mixed messages about the feud. Some were team Booka, others were team Brett.

“If you saw last night’s ep, you would definitely understand why he behaved the way he did,” one fan wrote in Laura’s DMs.

“I feel horrible that her actions have led Brett to back into a corner and wilt down like a baby spinach leaf,” added another.

MAFS Booka Brett Laura Byrne
Laura Byrne (L) and MAFS couple Brett and Booka (R) (Credit: Instagram/Nine.)

WATCH: Laura Byrne reacts to MAFS couple Booka and Brett

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“All of team Brett have the same argument: maybe Booka did know the way Brett was feeling and those conversations just didn’t make the edit,” Laura added in a follow-up video on her IG Story. 

“Maybe Brett did sit her down and have those conversations with her and we just didn’t see it – I doubt it,” she said.

“If Brett had sat her down and said, ‘this is the way you make me feel, I’m feeling insecure because of blah, blah, blah, blah, and I want to talk about it,’ then she would not have reacted so blindsided to the letter.”

Speaking exclusively with WHO about her feelings towards the situation, Booka claimed that “Brett totally betrayed me.”

MAFS brett booka
After last night’s MAFS, fan favourites Brett and Booka’s ship looks like it may tip. (Credit: Channel Nine.)

“You expect your partner to have your back. If I’ve got a problem, I try and confront it with somebody and work it out with them. But apparently there was this huge list of things that was wrong with me that he never raised with me,” she added.

“I don’t like having bad feelings towards people and I want to understand where they’re coming from, so we just decided to draw a line in the sand and to try to move forward and be better.”

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