MAFS Dean reveals he’s still in contact with Davina

"Davina's awesome."
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It was the affair that paved the way for the multitude of Married At First Sight cheating scandals, and it turns out Dean Wells and Davina Rankin are still in contact three years on from their reality TV dalliance.

WATCH BELOW: Dean and Davina talk about their affair

Dean, who was matched with Tracey Jewel on season five of the reality ratings giant, infamously cheated with co-star Davina Rankin, who had been matched with Ryan Gallagher.

Ahead of the MAFS reunion dinner party special, Dean revealed to Sydney radio duo Fitzy and Wippa that producers didn’t encourage him to pursue the affair and it was his decision.

“When I was on the show I was just being myself and as far as whose idea that was to stay on the show with that affair, completely my idea,” he shared on-air.

“They keep saying ‘Be true, don’t let anything that’s happening between these people happen off-camera.’ You’re supposed to be true to the experiment and I was like ‘Well this is me being true, I’m sorry I’m not really into Tracey, I have a more interesting vibe with Davina let’s explore this on camera.'”

Dean admitted that he was the one to pursue his affair with Davina and was not made to by producers. (Credit: Nine)

Whilst Dean, Tracey and Ryan are all starring on the upcoming reunion, Davina is not but Dean admitted that he’s still in touch with his ex on-screen mistress.

“Yeah I chat to Davina, she’s cool,” the season five groom said.

“She’s really well, Davina’s awesome. She really struggled with a lot of the behaviours and whatnot when it first went down which is understandable and she just stepped back from that whole situation and kind of distances herself a little bit from it which I can totally understand, but she’s doing really well.”

There’s certainly nothing romantic going on between Dean and Davina – the latter is all loved-up with partner Jaxon Manuel and their one-year-old daughter, Mila-Mae.

Davina has left her MAFS life behind her is dedicated to her partner and baby daughter. (Credit: Instagram)

Speaking about the reunion, Dean confessed that whilst it was “very good to catch up” with his ex-wife, who is currently pregnant, he had a bit of a clash with Davina’s husband, Ryan over another girl that Ryan had allegedly been dating.

“In the end we were fine, we shook hands and made up. We just hadn’t seen each other for a year or so,” Dean spilled, adding that there were no physical fights between them.

“I’m not a violent person, it was never going to get physical or anything.”

Guess the wine throwing will be between some other contestants…

Dean is still good mates with ex-wife Tracey. (Credit: Nine)

According to a report by New IdeaRyan ended things with model Ayla Browne due to another reality dating show and Dean was not impressed.

“Ryan kicked Ayla out of his home and dumped her because at the time he thought he would be cast as the Bachelor … next minute she’s being pictured out with Dean,” the spy revealed, who insisted it was the moment their friendship ended.

“They both go head-to-head about it and they try to reconcile … it was very intense.”

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