New videos ‘prove’ MAFS’ Tamara and Mitch are more than friends

"I wanna set the record straight."
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MAFS star Tamara Djordjevic may have denied rumours she’s dating co-star Mitch Eynaud, but new videos of the pair sharing a sunny weekend together tell a very different story.

WATCH: Mitch and Tamara share a weekend on the Gold Coast 

Clips shared to both of the MAFS alums’ Instagram pages show them enjoying a sunny day by the pool, with Mitch playfully pushing Tamara in before throwing a cup of cold water on her while she sunbathed.

After mucking around by the pool, thought to be at Mitch’s home, the pair changed out of their swimwear and headed to the beach for a spot of fishing.

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But Tamara lost it when Mitch jokingly threw a small fish on her, screaming and falling to the floor while it flopped about.

Though the new clips didn’t show anything overly romantic, fans are convinced they “prove” Tamara and Mitch have become more than friends after MAFS wrapped.

Mitch lives on the Gold Coast and new clips with Tamara seem to have been filmed at his home. (Credit: Instagram)

During a candid Instagram Q&A in early May, the 30-year-old revealed she’d been inundated with fans asking if Mitch cheated on Ella Ding with her.

“We didn’t talk throughout MAFS or anything. We live on the Gold Coast, it’s not a very big place so we’d often bump into each other,” she explained.

“We got to know each other, we have great banter, got heaps in common and he’s just a really good guy.”

The pair have been plagued by dating rumours since before the show’s finale even aired, while Tamara’s ex Brent Vitiello has been romantically linked to Ella.

“The word is [Mitch and Tamara] are together and they have been for a while… The speculation is that it’s been going on for quite a while, potentially even before filming [the reunion],” Ella said in April.

Mitch and Tamara have hung out regularly with their co-stars since the show wrapped. (Credit: Instagram)

However, Tamara also cleared up speculation that she and Mitch are now dating, saying they’re just “really good friends”.

“And I wanna set the record straight by saying that we actually only became friends months after filming had aired,” she said.

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Later in the no-holds-barred Q&A, Tamara slammed Brent, claiming he hasn’t stopped talking about her since the show finished in March.

“I understand that Brent has gone and spoken as much rubbish as he can about me,” she said.

“There are things that I can say about Brent back that you know, really contradict some of the things he’s said about me, and a lot that hasn’t been shown.”

Tamara’s ex Brent is now rumoured to be dating Ella – who was paired with Mitch on the show. (Credit: Instagram)

The season nine “villain” went on to claim Brent didn’t go on MAFS for “legitimate reasons.”

Prior to their dramatic breakup in the final vow renewals, bar manager Brent accused Tamara of judging people who work in the hospitality industry.

However, Tamara also dismissed these claims, despite making eyebrow raising comments about Brent’s job while filming.

“I don’t look down on anyone. I come from a working class family, I’m a working class girl,” she said.

“When I’m frustrated, and when I’m backed into a corner, I can get quite defensive and I can be rude, and I own up to that. It’s something that I’m working on.”

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