MAFS’ Beck wanted to quit the show midway through filming

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It has been revealed that Married At First Sight contestant Beck Zemek attempted to quit the show halfway through filming, but after being convinced to return havoc ensued.

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Beck has not been shy about her disinterest in her ex-football player husband, Jake Edwards.

In one episode, she even admitted to the other brides how she had to dodge his advances to become intimate on their honeymoon.

But now, gossip site The Wash has revealed that Beck’s disdain for the show was so prevalent that she wanted to flee, though her attempt was short-lived.

Beck’s beloved dog is sick. (Credit: Instagram)

Upon finding out that her dog had fallen sick, Beck reportedly lost any patience she had left for the show and bargained with producers to allow her to go home indefinitely

Though she was talked out of leaving, Beck was allowed to briefly return to Perth to take care of her pet pooch, but her trip allegedly included other activities – namely one that involved an ex.

Beck talked openly a dinner party about avoiding her husbands advances. (Credit: Instagram)

The Wash claims that multiple sources say Beck had a rendezvous with a former flame during her stay in Perth though she didn’t act on anything romantic with him.

Regardless of her intentions, the rest of the cast and Jake were reportedly up in arms about the situation, and there was a lot of residual drama.

The whole ordeal apparently left Beck “pretty upset” because, as one can imagine, having a whole bunch of people accuse you of an affair when your dog is vulnerable would be super annoying. 

Beck’s leaked Facebook status. (Credit: The Wash)

It has also been revealed on The Wash that Beck was dating someone three months before MAFS started filming.

Beck and her former man were Facebook official back in June 2020, and a little digging on the social media platform reveals his name is Ben.

“It was very structured and awkward.” (Credit: Instagram)

There is plenty of evidence that Beck and Jake don’t make it to the end of the experiment, and it is not just the fact she openly expresses her contempt on TV five days a week.

The Perth-based bride also hinted on Nova 96.9’s Fitzy & Wippa that the couple part ways by implying his uptight antics gave her the relationship ending ick and that the vibe between them on their wedding day “wasn’t warm.”

“It felt like a business meeting. It was very structured and awkward. Even when he turned around, awkward.”

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