Gambling, excessive spending & hitting rock bottom: MAFS Seb’s previous life exposed

"It was toxic.”
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With his infectious smile and hilarious one-liners, it’s hard not to fall in love with Married At First Sight intruder, Sebastian Guilhaus.

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However, before he applied to star on the dating series and fell for returning bride Elizabeth Sobinoff, the former AFL player was leading a very different life.

After winning more than $500,000 on the pokies while he was living in Darwin three years ago, Seb impulsively quit his high paying job and began living what a pal says was a very “toxic lifestyle”. 

(Credit: Nine)

“He’s always loved to party, but he partied a lot more after that,” the friend told New Idea. “He got stuck in that trap of going out pretty much every night of the week and spending like [there was] no tomorrow. It was a toxic lifestyle.”

Unfortunately, due to his intense partying antics, it wasn’t before Seb had blown the entire sum of money, with the insider claiming: “Within a few months he went from having all this money to suddenly being broke and unemployed.” 
(Credit: Nine)

“He hit rock bottom. He had no choice but to leave Darwin and move back home to Adelaide.”

After recognising the error in his ways, Seb decided to pursue his dream of becoming an actor and enrolled in a bachelor’s degree for creative arts (drama) at Flinders University.

“It was something he had always wanted to do,” the insider explained. “His biggest goal in life has always been to be on Home and Away or something like that.”

With his skills sharper than ever, it’s no wonder a shadow of doubt has been cast over his relationship with Elizabeth, with rumours swirling Seb applied for the show to boost his acting career.

(Credit: Nine)

“Seb bragged to everyone on the show about how much acting experience he has and even admitted to Josh that he was only there to act,” an unnamed contestant told the outlet.

“They cast him on the condition that he and Lizzie stay together after the show because they had no genuine couples left and the validity of the experiment would be in question if not one single couple lasted beyond filming. He’s 100 per cent acting.”

Meanwhile, Mishel Karen and Steve Burley agree, with the couple telling WHO last month that both Lizzie and Seb’s intentions have never been pure.

“Who is in it for fame? There’s quite a few,” Mishel said, eager to spill some much-needed tea. “Hayley, Cathy, Stacey…”

“Sebastian?” Steve asked his gorgeous wife, who quickly nodded. “He always said he wanted to be an actor or something like that.” 

(Credit: Nine)

In the same breath, Mishel— who has worked hard to keep her nose out of all the drama that’s ensued on this season— tore into Elizabeth, claiming she can’t stand her! 

“Far out, it’s frustrating as f**ck when people weren’t real. Out of the originals, no one,” she said when asked who got on her nerves. “But out of the intruders, probably Lizzie. She annoyed me but I just kind of ignored her.” 

She also claimed Lizzie unfairly received the royal treatment while the rest of this year’s MAFS cast suffered. 

“She didn’t do it like us. She did it in first-class while we did it in third class… No, the luggage area of the plane.”

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