Married At First Sight’s Jules reveals Cam almost proposed and wants to be pregnant within a year

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On Wednesday Night’s episode of Married at First Sight, Cameron Merchant and Jules Robinson solidify their relationship once again!


(Credit: Channel 9)

“Well there you go honey, just us in the finale of the dinner parties,” they joke as they walk in.

“Cheers to us, but mostly to you, you’ve been my rock,” Cam tells his wife.

But in the midst of a chat with Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli, the two discuss their final date week.

“We had an amazing week and it was certainly one to remember”

“It was all just so romantic and then he gave me this beautiful diamond bracelet… he totally made out he was going to propose to me as well,” she quipped.

“I was like, I’m down with that!” Jules continued

“My face shot blank and I was like: ‘Oh no I’ve gone too far here’. It’s okay it’s just a bracelet, I’m sorry!” Cam playfully says.

jess mafs
The bracelet Cam bought Jules. (Credit: Channel 9)

However, that isn’t the only news they share – during the honesty box segment the couple grill each other with some hard-hitting questions. 

“How soon do you want to have children?” Cam asks.

To which Jules responds: “I’m actually pregnant… no, I’m actually joking!”

Expert John is on the money and says what we’re all thinking! “Ooh you can see that though! The way they’ve been going.”

Jokes aside, Jules sets the record straight. “In all honesty though, I don’t have time on my side, I’m 37 so I want to have kids in the next 12 months. I’d love that, but there’s no rush…” she admits.

Her husband is pleased with this answer: “Good to hear, good to hear.”

It’s Jules’ time to hit up Cam for a serious answer: “Do you have any concerns about how fast we are moving?”

“I don’t, now… as I understand it, I understand you and I understand us,” he says.

Jules is thrilled with this answer and declares: “You’re my guy, you’re my guy.”


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