Married At First Sight’s Susie apologises to Billy after bullying him

It's ALMOST backhanded.
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Following yesterday’s explosive commitment ceremony, Billy and Susie try to turn over a new leaf in their relationship as they headed to Billy’s homestay in Byron Bay.

In order to settle the tension, Susie is ready to apologise – well sort of.

“Me and Susie have hit some rough, rough waters,” Billy admitted.

A reminder to those at home, Susie listed all of Billy’s ‘bad’ traits. “Billy stares. Billy’s very awkward and makes me uncomfortable. The silly, odd things that come out of his mouth freak me out. It’s a lot. He is a lot to take in.”

Now, before further ado… Susie began: “I woke up feeling like I’ve been hit by a bloody bulldozer if I’m honest after the commitment ceremony. I feel so drained and upset. You know it’s one thing to sit there and pour your own thoughts and opinion but then to have to hear everyone else’s is not easy for anyone.”

“We both said things we shouldn’t have…” she continued.

Ever the sweetheart Billy replied, “Yeah, I can’t agree with you more.”

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(Credit: Channel 9)

“I take full ownership about how I made you feel, no-one ever wants to make another person feel upset, I behaved how I was behaving because I have been feeling uncomfortable and out of place… and weird,” she says before her voice cracks.

“Like meeting you, marrying you, moving in with you, bloody missing my daughter. And that’s no excuse but I’m just…” she struggles to finish her sentence.

“You can just tell me…” Billy emotionally states.

“I just trying to explain properly why it was so hard for me,” she continued.

“But I think that we’re mature enough to get through it.” 

To which Billy replied: “Absolutely and we were extremely toxic and dysfunctional before”

Eek… We hope they do!

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