Looks like we know who wins The Masked Singer Australia 2021

Let's just say we're not 'outta love' for this famous star
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Chill the champagne and prepare the party poppers: it’s time to celebrate. The finale of The Masked Singer Australia is upon us, with just a few contestants remaining in host Osher Günsberg’s colourful wonderland.

But who will be crowned winner of this extravagant affair? It seems like they’ve already been revealed.

WATCH: Vampire performs on The Masked Singer Australia

While the ‘winner’ of The Masked Singer Australia is yet to be revealed by 10 and their expert panelists – Dannii Minogue, Jackie O, Dave Hughes and Urzila Carlson – there is still an air of excitement about the finale as the last few stars are being unmasked. 

And, as has become the norm with Australian reality TV shows, we have a pretty fair idea who’s won based on the Sportsbet betting odds – which many view to be a sign of a ‘leaked’ winner.

masked singer australia judges
Will the judges be surprised, yet again? (Credit: 10)

According to Sportsbet, fans are convinced that Vampire will win The Masked Singer Australia for 2021, with Dolly and Mullet taking runner-up and third place respectively. 

It would make sense, considering Vampire is tipped to be pop diva and absolute legend, Anastacia. If the mention of that name just hit you with an extreme wave of nostalgia, I’ll wait the five minutes for you to open Spotify, type in Anastacia and listen to the absolute banger that is Left Outside Alone.

All my life I’ve been waiting to see Anastacia rip off a gothic Vampire mask on a high-energy Australian reality TV show while Osher Günsberg gleefully yells at the top of his lungs. I just didn’t know it.

anastacia masked singer
Is Anastacia behind The Vampire? All clues point to YES. (Credit: Getty Images / 10)

Meanwhile, Dolly is believed to be Em Rusciano and Mullet is thought to be Dylan Lewis.

Em actually addressed the speculation on a recent Masked Singer Instagram post – only adding to the hype.

Commenting on a post about the ‘Final Five’ on Tuesday, actress Ruby Rose tagged Em and wrote: “DOLLLY???? Is it? It must be. Guyssss it has to be I can’t handle this show rn.”

Meanwhile, Em replied to say: “Oh god not you too babes?! I’m getting hounded… You’ve been guessed every week too tho.”

Consider me not one bit suspicious about this very casual and normal exchange, ladies. Not one bit.

The Masked Singer Australia airs Sunday to Tuesday, 7:30pm on 10.

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