Could this be Masked Singer Mullet’s real identity?

The guesses are already flying thick and fast
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It’s the one question that pops into everyone’s minds when watching The Masked Singer: who is the celebrity behind the mask?

WATCH: The Masked Singer’s Mullet loses its head

Well, that question was nearly answered for one fishy character, a mullet with a mullet, after their prop head fell off while they were on stage.

In a trailer released by The Masker Singer Australia before the show kicked off, the epic blunder showed the moment the performer nearly gave away their identity on stage.

It took the judges completely by surprise, with Dave Hughes and Dannii Minogue gasping in total shock.

Masked Singer Mullet
The Masked Singer fans have been trying to guess the identity of Mullet. (Credit: Network Ten)

After the Mullet finished their performance, they fell down on stage and the head of their costume completely fell off, revealing dark brown hair underneath.

Host Osher Günsberg rushed over to help hide the singer, and by some miracle, the celebrity managed to save their identity.

“I did not see a head at all you turned into a tortoise real quick,” Dave said.

Masked Singer Mullet
Who is that? (Credit: Network Ten)

The blunder sent fans into an absolute frenzy, with many taking to the comments under the clip to guess the identity of the character.

“Mullet is Dipper surely,” one viewer wrote on Twitter, referring to former AFL star Berto “Dipper” DiPierdomenico.

“I think Mullet is Dave O’Neil, no idea why I think this but I do,” another tweeted.

Meanwhile, another suggested: “The fish [Mullet] is Jimmy Barnes.”

Dippa was one fan’s guess! (Credit: Network Ten)

Radio host Chrissie Swan even chimed in, and said that she’s already figured out who is actually under the Mullet mask.

Speaking on her radio show Chrissie, Sam & Browny about the latest season of The Masked Singer, she revealed her guess.

“Lindsay Lohan is not in it sadly, but the Mullet mask is in it and we’ve already guessed,” she said. “It’s Dylan Lewis! It’s Dylan Lewis!”

Chrissie Swan Dylan Lewis
Chrissie Swan (left) is adamant Dylan Lewis (right) is behind Mullet. (Credit: Instagram)

She then confessed that it was anchor Dean ‘Deano’ Thomas who figured out Dylan Lewis is the one supposedly under the Mullet mask.

Despite all the speculation, as anyone who has watched the show knows, you can never be sure who is singing until the mask comes off.

What we do know is that Osher has returned as this year’s host, while Dannii and Dave are joined by Urzila Carlson and Jackie O on the judging panel.

And the clues have already started dropping about Mullet’s identity, which you can read here and here.

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