Nick Cummins shocks fans with total transformation

This is the Honey Badger as you've never seen him before...
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Former Bachelor Nick Cummins has a signature look: strawberry blonde, chin-grazing ringlets and a neatly-trimmed mo that juuuuust tickles his upper lip.

WATCH: Fans slam Nick Cummins’ brutal on-screen behaviour

Not anymore, however. 

On Wednesday, the 33-year-old rugby union legend took to Instagram to debut a long, shaggy, unkempt beard – and honestly, we barely recognise him. 

honey badger
Nick (pictured) with his trademark moustache. (Credit: Getty)

In the video, he rattles off a series of jokes while herding cattle in a beige Akubra and matching workman’s shirt. 

“What do you call a cow lying on the ground? Ground beef,” he says in one, quickly apologising for the “horrendous” gag. 

The post was captioned: “Find people and places that make you happy in life.”

Many of Nick’s 447k followers weighed in on the post Including Bachelorette alumni Jamie Doran. 

“You are too young to be telling Dad jokes, Badge!” he wrote. Model Erin Mcnaught summed up our thoughts entirely adding: “🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣”

Who is THAT!? Nick’s beard makes him almost unrecognisable. (Credit: Instagram)

Nick is currently in the Northern Territory recovering from a shoulder reconstruction following his stint on SAS: Australia. He recently shared an update from his hospital bed.

“Big thank you to my nurses especially the first shift, they don’t get enough recognition,” he wrote. “3 egg and lettuce sangas and a truckload of average chat later and I’m almost back.”

On the mend: Nick (pictured) has recently undergone a shoulder reconstruction. (Credit: Instagram)

Prior to the operation, he revealed that his doctors, friends and family members had all advised him not to take part in the series due to the risk of doing permanent damage to his shoulder. 

“However, I do believe in the saying: ‘Take the risk or lose the change.’ So I had a crack at it, and I believe the growth from that was unbelievable,” he reasoned. “It outweighs any pain that you’ll feel. Pain is usually temporary, but regret lasts forever.”

He added: “I’m lining up here now to go under the knife, get a shoulder reconstruction due to the damages, wear and tear from the show. Stay tuned for the recovery.”

Nick and Sabrina battling it out on SAS: Australia. (Credit: Channel 7)

Early on in the show, Nick was slammed for being “too aggressive” when taking part in the challenges. 

Fans were shocked to see the 33-year-old go head to head with 23-year-old AFLW player Sabrina Frederick in a brutal ‘street fight.’ While nobody forced Sabrina to go up against the former professional footballer, he didn’t hold back from punching ferociously, causing onlookers to grimace.

Later, during a violent game of murderball, Nick tackled 21-year-old swimmer Shayna Jack to the ground, which fans claimed was too rough for the 21-year-old, who appeared winded afterwards.

“Bloody hell I feel sorry for all of the people who are getting crunched by Nick Cummins. He’s a professional rugby player and he’s going in very hard, that’s gotta hurt so much,” one fan tweeted.

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