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EXCLUSIVE: Jason Derulo’s biggest threat on The Voice

''Guys my competition.''
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As superstar Jason Derulo joins The Voice Australia as a judge, the American singer admits he didn’t come all the way to Oz ”to lose.”

And among the all-star line-up of Rita Ora, Jessica Mauboy and Guy Sebastian, he’s quickly figured out who will be his biggest competition.

”Everyone has been so lovely and welcoming but it’s the nicest person in the room you’ve got to watch out for because they’ll be the most cutthroat,” the 33-year-old tells WHO with a laugh.

”Guy is a poet and it’s like a song that comes out of him when he’s trying to get people onto his team. I’ve got to keep my eye constantly on Guy.”

This years The Voice Artists: Jessica Mauboy, Guy Sebastion Rita Ora and newbie (Credit: Channel 7) (Credit: Channel 7)

What do you enjoy most about being Down Under?

I love Australian people the best. I’ve been all over the world and there isn’t really anyone who is as bright and fun as Australians are.

How have you found the local talent?

Fantastic. I had high hopes but I’ve been blown away by the talent. Everyone has been really unique which is great when you’re looking for a new superstar, you don’t want people who are just cookie-cutter versions of people already on the scene.

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You want to win, but is finding and nurturing new talent important to you?

I’ve been through so much. I’ve had the highest highs, some of the lowest lows. I have so much to share and if I’m able to give some of this knowledge and have someone take a couple of shortcuts and not have to fall on their face as many times as I have, it’s a beautiful thing.

Will we be hearing new music from you soon?

I’m working on that. But it’s gonna be experimental – I’m not exactly sure what it is yet. But I’m doing a lot while I’m here in one place for a while.

Jason Derulo with Aussie star Jessica Mauboy (Credit: Channel 7) (Credit: Channel 7)

Is Australia giving you lots of inspiration?

Absolutely. I have such a wonderful view of the water, how could I not feel inspired?

You can do it all – dance, sing, act and write. What’s your favourite thing?

Writing. It’s the one thing that I’m never left exhausted by.

We’re so excited to hear his wisdom! (Credit: Nicholas Wilson) (Credit: Nicholas Wilson)

You write amazing songs, sometimes for other artists. Is there one you wish you’d kept for yourself?

‘Me Too’ by Meghan Trainor was such a big hit, but I think she did a better job at it than I would have.

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Watch Jason Derulo on The Voice, which premieres on Sunday, August 6th at 7pm on Channel 7.

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