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My Kitchen Rules 2023: Meet the Contestants and New Gatecrashers

Who will be the team to impress the judges?
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My Kitchen Rules is officially back for 2023, with judges Manu Feildel, Colin Fassnidge, and Nigella Lawson ready to embark on their culinary adventure across the country.

Speaking on the new season, Manu told Seven, “I am looking forward to another MKR journey in 2023. I can’t wait to meet our new teams, eat some gorgeous food, and work with my good mate Colin.” 

Manu and Colin also expressed their excitement at the return of the beloved Nigella Lawson to My Kitchen Rules, with the TV chef set to join the judging panel at Kitchen HQ. 

“I’m so thrilled to be back on MKR! It combines two of my favourite pastimes; championing home cooking and eating wonderful Australian food,” Nigella shared. 

As the latest group of amateur chefs get busy in the kitchen, let’s meet the gatecrashing contestants ready to whisk their way to success!

Manu, Nigella, and Colin are ready to uncover Australia’s hidden culinary talent. (Credit: Seven Network)

Aaron and Chris

BBQ aficionados Aaron and Chris first connected on Instagram in 2018, and their shared love for all things meat forged a deep friendship. Together, they’ve elevated their BBQ game by forming a dynamic duo that has triumphed in BBQ competitions across Australia.

Former butcher Aaron is the driving force behind Australia’s largest BBQ-dedicated YouTube channel. His heart lies in the art of American-style BBQ and the delicate craft of smoking meats to perfection. In contrast, Chris made a bold career shift, leaving the corporate world behind to become a stay-at-home dad when his twin sons arrived prematurely at just 24 weeks.

What sets Aaron and Chris apart are their legendary pork crackling and delectable homemade ice cream creations. Their dream is to embark on a BBQ masterclass tour, sharing their expertise and boundless passion for the world of smoke and grill with eager enthusiasts everywhere. This dynamic BBQ duo is all about savouring the smoky flavors and igniting the grill of excitement in their fans.

(Credit: Seven Network)

Amber and Mel

Childhood best friends Amber and Mel are proudly self-proclaimed “dance mums” who bring resilience, unwavering persistence, and an insatiable competitive spirit to everything they do.

Amber is known for her quick wit and a fearless honesty that leaves no room for sugarcoating. She tells it like it is, whether you like it or not. In contrast, Mel takes a more diplomatic approach and prides herself on offering constructive criticism. As a self-described high-achiever, she aspires to add the title of MKR champion to her list of accomplishments.

Mel’s marriage into a Lebanese family has inspired her to blend her in-laws’ cherished recipes with a fusion of her Australian background, creating a culinary journey that reflects her unique heritage.

When Amber and Mel team up in the kitchen, their infectious energy takes centre stage. 

(Credit: Seven Network)

Patricija and Brigita

Intense and opinionated Lithuanian sisters Patricija and Brigita share two things in common: the same birth mother and a remarkable talent for transforming the humble potato into culinary art.

Patricija, a criminal defence solicitor, may come off as abrasive with her dry humour and stoic demeanour, often sporting a “resting b*tch face.” In contrast, Brigita exudes a relaxed and easy-going vibe, embracing the flow of life.

While Patricija is an ardent My Kitchen Rules fan and loves to feed people, she abstains from seafood and lamb. Brigita, on the other hand, thrives on adventure, enjoying her steak cooked blue.

Together, they create a dynamic duo with diverse personalities and a shared love for culinary exploration.

(Credit: Seven Network)

Sonia and Marcus

Mother and son duo Sonia and Marcus are ready to dazzle the judge’s tastebuds with their authentic Italian cuisine. 

The Adelaide-based family guarantee that each of their dishes will be made with love, however, the cooking process is one that often results in the pair butting heads. 

“If they [the judges and fellow contestants] could see what was going on, they would think they were at the circus,” Sonia told Seven.

While Sonia may get frustrated at Marcus’ apparent lack of organisation in the kitchen, her love for her son has made the pair a force to be reckoned with in the kitchen. 

(Credit: Seven Network)

Tommy and Rach

Best friends Tommy and Rach are set to bring the spice to the kitchen with their undeniable chemistry. While they deny that their relationship is anything other than strictly platonic, the other contestants appear to have quickly noted their compatibility beyond the kitchen. 

“We can love food together and just be friends,” the pair told Seven, with the housemates sealing their response with a kiss on the cheek. 

Although their relationship may be at the forefront of the competition for some, Tommy and Rach are determined to make the judge’s time in Western Australia memorable and full of delicious local cuisine. 

(Credit: Seven Network)

Radha and Prabha

Identical twins Radha and Prabha are ready to serve a sentimental menu inspired by their family’s favourite Indian flavours during their time on My Kitchen Rules. 

Using their self-professed twin telepathy, the duo believe that their natural synchronicity will be their superpower as they work their way to the top of the leaderboard. 

In a sneak peek of the upcoming season, the Western Sydney sisters created their first meal as a tribute to their late father. “We lost our dad when we were two. Every time we cook a dish, it reminds us of him,” they shared. 

The immense amount of love in their dish moved judge Colin Fassnidge to tears. “I think your dad is up there 100% happy tonight. It had soul. It had love. I was eating it and smiling,” he gushed. 

(Credit: Seven Network)

Coco and Pearls

Feisty friends Coco and Pearls are ready to bring their passion for flavour and critical eye to their instant kitchen. 

New Zealand-born pop singer Coco may have joined My Kitchen Rules to improve her culinary capabilities, but with fine dining connoisseur Pearls by her side, the duo are bound to be ones to watch!

The pair’s enthusiasm and attention to detail is one that isn’t reserved just for their own kitchen, with Coco and Pearls being renowned amongst their friendship group for sending food back or complaining to waitstaff.  

“You never leave hungry when I cook,” Pearls told Seven. 

(Credit: Seven Network)

Nick and Christian

Best mates Nick and Christian are well known for their culinary creations, with the duo gaining almost one million views on their TikTok cooking series during the course of the pandemic. 

The pair are no strangers to the kitchen, with Christian working as a restaurant supervisor and Nick as a venue manager for a local pub. 

“Our dynamic is solid. We understand each other very well and know when to push or pull. There’s a lot of trust,” Nick told Seven.

(Credit: Seven Network)

Claudean and Anthony

Husband and wife Claudean and Anthony are hoping to bring the strength and synchronicity of their 25-year marriage to My Kitchen Rules. 

When they’re not running their market stall stocked with Italian delicacies, the couple spends their time together in the kitchen cooking to feed children in need. 

“[My Kitchen Rules] was an opportunity that was presented to me and I feel like we deserve this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Claudean told Seven.

“We are the A-team in life and in the kitchen.”

(Credit: Seven Network)

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