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This much-loved duo are tipped to win The Block: Fans V Faves

As we approach the final episodes, the competition is really heating up.
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Incomplete rooms, cheating scandals and ongoing feuds: this year’s season of The Block has certainly brought the drama. Not to mention, some of the most incredible room reveals and transformations this show has ever seen.

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There are five teams in the running, with all-star contestants Ronnie & Georgia and Mitch & Mark joined by newcomers Tanya & Vito, Luke & Josh, and Kirsty & Jesse.

The teams have been busy completing monster renovations on luxury family homes in Hampton, just outside the Melbourne city centre.

With a whopping $100,000 at stake for the winner, plus whatever profits their home makes on auction day, the bets are on for which team will win.

the block contestants
With $100,000 on the line, who will win the top prize? (Credit: Nine Network)

According to betting agency Sportsbet, country singer Kirsty and her videographer husband Jesse are tipped to take out the competition.

The dynamic duo from the NSW country have become fan-favourites this season, delivering beautiful rooms in the largest house with maximum effort every single week. It makes sense, with the pair having experience in the renovation game, buying and flipping their first home when they were just 18 and 19.

Though they are battling with an increasingly small budget as they make their way towards the finale, Kirsty and Jesse are favoured to win with Sportsbet giving them odds of $1.55.

kirsty and jesse
Kirsty and Jesse are tipped to win. (Credit: Nine Network)

Sportsbet correctly predicted the winner of last year’s season, with Jimmy and Tam taking out the top spot. Will they be right again?

In second place, they’ve put The Block legends Ronnie and Georgia, who finished third on the 2017 season, where they competed in the Melbourne suburb of Elsternwick.

Another pair of fan-favourites, Ronnie and Georgia have won five of the room reveals this season, most recently for their stunning work on Garage, Study and Wine Cellar Week.

While they very well could take out a win on auction day, they are currently tipped to place second with $3.75 odds.

Ronnie and Georgia
If the predictions are correct, Ronnie and Georgia could finish in second. (Credit: Nine Network)

Meanwhile, twin brothers Josh and Luke are tipped to place third with $7.50 odds, The Block alums Mitch and Mark in fourth with $11 odds, and Tanya and Vito in last place with $15 odds.

As fans of the show know, each house is given a reserve price and the contestants get to keep any amount of money over the reserve from the sale of their house. 

In 2020, Daniel and Jade came in at last place and still walked away with $460,000. Meanwhile, winners Jimmy and Tam walked away with $966,000, plus the $100,000 prize-money.

Most of the time, the teams will leave the show with a pretty hefty sum. Only on rare occasions – such as in 2011 when three homes passed in at auction – have contestants left with nothing.

the block contestants 2021
Could these all-stars take out a win? We’ll have to wait and see. (Credit: Instagram)

The Block airs Sunday at 7.00pm, and Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm, on Nine.

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