Rebecca Judd reveals why she and husband Chris almost called it quits

The AFL WAG reveals the moment that almost tore them apart.
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They’ve long been known as one of AFL’s most high-profile couples.

But for Rebecca Judd and husband Chris, the fairytale romance was close to being over before it even really began.

LISTEN: Rebecca Judd reveals the moment that almost tore her marriage apart

Speaking on her radio show The 3pm Pick Up,  Bec admitted that watching Stan’s new series Normal People made her reflect on things that happened in her own relationship in the past.

“I was watching it the other day with my husband and there’s this one bit in the show that brought back so many memories that I’d actually forgotten about,” she spilled.

Rebecca and Chris Judd
Rebecca admits that she and husband Chris almost didn’t survive the early stages of their relationship. (Credit: Instagram)

“It reminded me when Juddy and I were first hooking up when we were, I think about 19. We had only been hooking up for a little bit.”

Bec added that she was left heartbroken when Chris opted to take someone else to a fancy event.

“He had this event to go to and I wasn’t really expecting to be invited to that event because we’d only just got together. But I wasn’t expecting him to invite his ex-girlfriend instead of me!” she said.

Chris later insisted he made the choice because the ex had already bought her dress for the event.

Rebecca Judd
Speaking on her radio show, Bec revealed Chris had opted to take his ex-girlfriend to an event. (Credit: Instagram)

Bec added: “It totally set us back I reckon another five or six months. So him and I were on-and-off for 18 months because none of us could actually tell each other what we were really thinking, even though we were mad for each other.”

But while their relationship was wobbly at the start, the pair managed to get their act together and have since been going from strength to strength.

The couple tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in 2010 and now have four kids: eight-year-old son Oscar, five-year-old daughter Billie, and three-year-old twin boys, Tom and Darcy.

Rebecca Judd family
The couple is now happily married with four kids. (Credit: Instagram)

Bec has previously spoken out about the first time she met her now husband.

The 37-year-old said she was modeling and living in Hong Kong and had returned home to Melbourne for a few weeks when she met Chris during a night out.

“I met Chris and that was it. It was kind of instant. I don’t know if it was for him but it was for me,” she told Show And Tell.

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