EXCLUSIVE: Why Reggie Sorensen got “lucky” with her new man

Third time's the charm!
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“I’m so lucky I got to do Big Brother all over again,” Reggie Sorensen tells WHO from her home on the Gold Coast, 19 years after she won Season 3 of the social experiment, and on the back of her return in 2022.

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“And I’d do it again if they asked me to come back,” she laughs. “They’re bringing back the UK Big Brother – throw me in over there!”

Here, the 48-year-old reality TV favourite opens up about overcoming tragedy, finding love again and what’s next.

How have things changed since we first met you all those years ago?

So much has changed in 20 years. The biggest thing that’s happened is obviously that my eyesight is going. I was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, which is degenerative. I have nine degrees of central pinhole vision, no peripheral vision and no night vision.

I’ve got two kids – Mia who’s 15, and Lucas who’s 12. He has cystic fibrosis, which sucks. They’re the biggest things that have happened!

Reggie has devoted herself to motherhood, especially when it comes to son Lucas. (Credit: Instagram)

Reggie, you’ve lived quite a life already.

Gosh, yes! I’ve had two marriage breakdowns, which is sad, but I’ve met another man who’s a lovely partner. Third time lucky!

Can you give us an update on your vision?

The last two years it’s stayed at nine degrees. I’ve been lucky. I need to go back to my ophthalmologist for another assessment.

I recently got a call from a clinic in Western Australia, where I had DNA tested 13 years ago. Back then they were trying to find a link, as no-one in my family has the disease.

Anyway, they’ve called me to say they’ve found something. Touch wood there’s something there that can stop the progression of losing my eyesight.

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You’re such an inspiration!

I try my best! Once I got into the house and I could work my way around, I memorised where things were. And all the housemates were so lovely.

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You must have an incredible memory.

Oh, it’s not! It’s quite bad actually.

You call the Gold Coast home now. Is the girl from Tassie a celebrity up there?

Yes! It’s funny. All these years later people still come up and say G’day.

Reggie caught up with Chrissie Swan at the TV WEEK Logies. (Credit: Instagram)

We saw photos of you from the TV Week Logies and it’s no wonder people still recognise you. You haven’t aged a day since 2003.

It must be genetics, or growing up in Tassie with all that fresh air! I’ve had a lot of stress over the years that hasn’t played a part, bless!

Do you keep in touch with any of your old housemates? Season 3 had some real BIg Brother favourites.

A lot of them! At the Logies when I saw Chrissie Swan, it must have been about 15 years. She’s done so well for herself.

Do you plan on keeping in touch with any of your current housemates?

Obviously Dave. He was my rock in the house. He’s the most beautiful human. I love Tim to bits, and I love Estelle, Tully. The OGs!

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Reggie has been especially close with Estelle since appearing on the 2022 season together. (Credit: Getty)

Did you prefer Big Brother the first time around, or the new format?

It’s chalk and cheese. I love Big Brother so much and I’m so blessed to have experienced both. The first time around all I wanted was a holiday! I just laid by the pool at Dreamworld (laughs). And then this time around was so full on with challenges and strategy. I really struggled with that. I ended up deciding to sit back and watch them all blow each other up.

What’s next for Reggie?

Nineteen years ago I said I was going to write a book and I didn’t do it, so now is the time! I procrastinated and now I’m glad I have, because there is so much more to tell. I’d also love to do something on radio or do another TV show like Travel Guides or Gogglebox. I’d be hilarious!

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