Charlotte Crosby Returns for Australian Geordie Shore Spin-Off

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It may be over six years since the cast of Geordie Shore made their mark on the Australian outback, but the party is far from over. 

Returning to the sunny shores of Queensland, Geordie Shore original Charlotte Crosby is back to host the franchise’s new Australian spin-off, Aussie Shore. 

Sharing the news to social media, Charlotte wrote, “The secret’s out and I am absolutely dizzy with power. Whoever put me in charge of 10 of the craziest Aussies I’ve ever met needs a pay rise, because this is the most chaotic concoction there’s ever been.” 

“Watching these guys enter the house gave me all the feels… If you guys thought Geordie Shore was wild… You’ve seen nothing yet!”

With filming now underway in the nation’s sunshine state, keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know about Aussie Shore. 

Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has returned to the franchise. (Credit: Instagram)

What is Aussie Shore? 

Expanding on the fan-favourite Jersey Shore and the UK spin-off Geordie Shore, Aussie Shore will see 10 new cast members join the dramatic reality franchise for another season of partying in paradise. 

While the exact details of the series are still under wraps, we can assume that Aussie Shore will follow a similar format to the remainder of the franchise, with the house members taking part in daily tasks, challenges, and excursions to win extra in-house luxuries or night-out experiences. 

We can also anticipate that the new Australian spin-off will feature excessive amounts of housemate drama, hook-ups, break-ups, and new friendships that the original two spin-offs are known and loved for. 

Production on the first season of Aussie Shore is now underway. (Credit: Instagram)

Who is the host of Aussie Shore?

While she may not be a host in the traditional sense, former Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has confirmed she will be joining the series as the boss of Aussie Shore. 

“I’m still having to pinch myself in here in Australia, my most favourite place on earth, and I am the boss! I’m the Aussie version of [Geordie Shore’s] Anna!” Charlotte wrote to Instagram. 

Based on the teasers posted to social media so far, it appears that, unlike Anna, Charlotte will be appearing on-camera alongside the housemates to guide them through their day-to-day life and challenges. 

Charlotte will take over the roll of “House Boss.’ (Credit: Instagram)

Where is Aussie Shore being filmed? 

Immersing the new housemates in Australia’s tropical climate, Aussie Shore is currently in production in Cairns and Greater Far North Queensland. 

Central to the drama of Geordie Shore is the local nightlife scene and, according to Screen Queensland, the new spin-off will highlight not only Queensland’s clubbing scene, but also the surrounding restaurants, experiences, and accommodation. 

Production on the spin-off will also be taking place in the newly completed Screen Queensland Studios in Portsmith. 

When is Aussie Shore’s release date?

While we all can’t wait to see the drama of Aussie Shore unfold, unfortunately, a definite release date has not yet been confirmed. 

Charlotte first ventured to Australia for season six of Geordie Shore. (Credit: Getty)

Where to watch Aussie Shore

Following the series’ release, Aussie Shore will be available to stream in Australia on Paramount+. 

If you’re new to the franchise or just want to re-live the drama, all 24 seasons of Geordie Shore are now available to stream on Paramount+. 

Stream Geordie Shore on Paramount+ from $9.99/month with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here. 

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