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Love Island Runners Up, Callum and Madeline, reveal their post-Villa relationship status

“We’re not putting a label on anything just yet.”
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Callum Hole and Madeline Wilcox were the freshest couple to enter Love Island Australia’s top three. The loveable Welshman and last bombshell to enter formed an instant connection after Callum’s long flirtatious stint in the Villa.

WATCH: Callum and Mads’ Love Island Australia 2022 highlights. Article continues after video.

In the final episodes, the pair reflected on their blossoming relationship, with Callum declaring, “You made me smile, laugh, and feel nervous which is something a girl has never been able to do before.”

Love Island
Their relationship was still blossoming in the Villa. (Credit: Nine)

In a romantic ending to the season, it was ultimately power couple, Austin and Claudia, who took the series’ top spot- leaving Mitch and Phoebe and Callum and Mads as the runners up.

Seeing as filming has now wrapped up, we caught up with Callum and Mads to ask them about post-Villa life.

The pair were runners up in the Love Island finale. (Credit: Nine)

First off, congratulations for making it into the final three! Did you expect it at all?

Madeline: I feel like it’s a pretty surreal feeling to be honest. For me personally, I wasn’t expecting it going in as the last bombshell. It couldn’t have gone any better.

Callum: Yeah, for me, same thing. I was definitely not expecting to make the finale- I didn’t think I’d pass week one, to be honest. But the fact that I was there, it was an unreal feeling. So, I’m very happy and grateful to be there.

And Mads, as you’ve mentioned, you went in as a bombshell. What was it like? And do you think it was harder for you to make those connections?

Madeline: I feel like it was a little bit a little bit daunting going in as late as I did. Obviously, you don’t know what you’re sort of walking into at that point. Everyone’s got strong connections, and they’ve been in there a lot longer. I guess I sort of just had confidence in myself and went in there and had no expectations. And it all sort of worked out.

Are Callum and Mads still together? (Credit: Nine)

The burning question; are you guys still together?

Callum: Yeah, we’ve just kind of continued to do what we were doing in the Villa. Obviously Mads came in super late so we weren’t official or anything in the Villa. We’re not official or anything now. We’re doing the same as what we did in the Villa- we’re keeping it casual, we still see each other, but we’re not putting a label on anything just yet. We’re just taking things as they come because obviously life now is a lot different for both of us- it’s chaotic. But we’re definitely still in contact and going with the flow. Whatever happens, happens.

Madeline: Yeah, we’re just not putting too much pressure on it at the moment. I feel like in the villa that’s why we did so well because we were ourselves, didn’t crack under pressure, and took things at our own pace so that’s what we plan on doing now we’re in the outside world.

And what has the last few months since filming wrapped look like?

Callum: Obviously, we weren’t really allowed to be seen, like, out together when the show was airing. So we’ve kind of been keeping it under wraps but we’ve gone on a couple of nights out, a couple of dinners and stuff, Mads came up to Brisbane to see me as well so we’ve been doing bits and pieces here and there- a couple of dates and keeping it under wraps.. I’ve done them about and a couple of times too, and we’ve got a lot more in plan for the next couple of months.

Did you guys watch the finale together?

Callum: Yeah, we did, actually. Pretty much all of us watched it together. And I think Claudia and Austin went to Austin’s family home to watch it. So, the vast majority of the islanders watched the finale together. It was so fun! We got drunk after it and had a big party.

Since first coupling-up, the pair were inseparable. (Credit: Nine)

Who do you still keep in contact with?

Callum: I keep in touch with a lot of people from the Villa. Not everyone. I’d probably say the closest are Mitch, Austin, and Jordan.

Madeline: I feel like everyone’s on pretty good terms but, for me, since leaving the Villa, I feel like I’ve become closest with Tina, Stella – I obviously keep in contact with Hugh as well – and Callum.

And after wrapping with Love Island, do you think you’d do any reality TV again?

Madeline: I could honestly not fault my Love Island experience. It exceeded all my expectations, I had a really positive experience – especially with Callum – so, I’m open to anything, never say never. I would definitely do it again.

Callum: Likewise, my experience I had there was mega so if an opportunity came up to do another reality TV show, I would definitely do it.

If it could be any show, which one would you choose?

Callum: I didn’t even watch when I was on this one! Something where you can be yourself I guess. I definitely wouldn’t do Married at First Sight because I find it hard to stick with a girlfriend, let alone a wife. Maybe The Block! That would be mad.

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