A new trailer for The Bachelors has dropped and fans are sceptical

"Did you just order Machine Gun Kelly, Michael Neser and Mark Bouris from wish.com and call it a day?"
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It’s the moment at least some of Australia has been waiting for… The Bachelor is back!

Except this time, one mediocre man wasn’t enough – we’re going to be watching THREE men choose the love of their life (hopefully based on slightly less obsolete date ideas like – ‘which women is the most maternal’). Can’t wait!

WATCH: The Bachelors 2023 trailer

Channel Ten has officially dropped a new look at the new season and, by the looks of it, we’re thinking one of the producers recently watched the James Bond franchise.

The short clip depicts the three Bachies disembark various modes of transport (a helicopter, a car, and a boat – mate, who drew the short straw and got the car??).

Anyway, they’re decked out in fancy tuxedos while some funky music plays in the background. OK Channel Ten budget, come through.

Channel Ten really said ‘copy, paste’. (Credit: Ten)

Literally no words were said in the clip, so we’re none the wiser when it comes to the Bachies’ personalities. But at least we know they can button up a tuxedo jacket!

The teaser received mixed reactions from fans, many of whom have been sceptical about the casting choice since it was announced. 

“Did you just order Machine Gun Kelly, Michael Neser and Mark Bouris from wish.com and call it a day?” one user quipped on Instagram.

Some, however, are excited for the new season, with one writing: “Ok not the silver fox 😮🔥.”

So glad to see white men being platformed for a change!! (Credit: Ten)

So, after what feels like a year of promo for this different format, just when is The Bachelors hitting our screens? 

Well, it’s not long now – The Bachelors Australia is premiering on January 9th 2023. It’s the New Year’s present we didn’t really ask for, but you best believe we will watch it regardless.

If you need a reminder of who the, um, Machine Gun Kelly, Michael Neser and Mark Bouris lookalikes ACTUALLY are, here it is…

The three Bachelors are Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli.

We all remember this Bachie chocolate bath, right? Yeah, we tried to forget too. (Credit: Ten)

The tall one with the beard is former basketball player Felix Von Hofe, who is now a marketing manager. A role which is sure to come in handy when those Veneer brand deals start rolling in.

The Machine Gun Kel… blonde one is a drummer for the alt-pop band Mood Monroe. He’s even said he’s ready to use his musical abilities if need be. Let’s hope on his behalf there’s some sort of MGK impression contest.

Lastly, the “silver fox”, or Italian stallion, is Thomas Malucelli, a restaurant manager who was born just outside of Florence, Italy. Oh man, he’s in for a rude awakening when the dates consist of a Milo mud baths and dirty street pies (IYKYK). 

The Bachelors Australia premieres Monday 9th January on 10 and 10 Play.

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