The Masked Singer 2021 contestants revealed

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For a thrilling third season, The Masked Singer is back. And if you thought last year’s costumes were weird, then you’re in for a treat in 2021.

WATCH BELOW: The Masked Singer returns in a new trailer

Everyone’s fave Osher Günsberg is back as host, as are celeb panellists Dannii Minogue, Jackie O, Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes and Urzila Carlson. But what about the contestants?

Obviously, we won’t figure out who’s who until they remove their masks but fans already have some ideas as to who is performing this year thanks to those cryptic clues. And with a pavlova, kebab and creepy baby in tow, we’re already perplexed.

The masks are officially coming off so let’s see who everyone is speculating about plus, who’s been revealed!

masked singer australia judges
Dannii Minogue, Jackie O, Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes and Urzila Carlson are back as the celeb panellists. (Credit: Ten)

Professor – Ben Lee

Catch My Disease singer Ben Lee was the third celebrity to be unmasked after blowing viewers away with a soul-stirring rendition of Seal’s Kiss From A Rose. 

While Simon Baker, David Attenborough – yes, really – and Jimmy Rees were among those named by the judges, it was actually Ben beneath the Professor mask. 

Sharing a clip from the show on Twitter and TikTok after the reveal, Ben wrote: “Yeah it was me lol.”

ben lee masked singer au
Surprise! It’s Ben Lee. (Credit: 10)

Duster – George Calombaris

When Duster revealed they’re “always busy” but “whether you like me is a matter of personal taste,” we had so many thoughts.

Guesses ranged from Shane Warne to Michael Clarke to Gordon Ramsay, so imagine our shock when they were revealed to be former MasterChef judge George Calombaris!

“I can’t believe I’ve just done this, this is so insane! 11 years of MasterChef, that’s pretty easy compared to this,” he declared, adding he did the show for his two kids.

Episode two saw George Calombaris reveal himself as Duster. (Credit: 10)

Volcano – Vinnie Jones

This hot-tempered celeb declared, “I’m a hottie and you don’t want to be around when this volcano starts smoking!”

So when they were revealed to be British actor and former professional footballer Vinnie Jones, we were genuinely stunned!

“I never thought I’d meet you and you’d be wearing this outfit,” panellist Dannii Minogue confessed.

In the first episode, Vinnie Jones was revealed to be Volcano. (Credit: 10)

Piñata – Lote Tuqiri

The piñata was an early fan-favourite, being revealed in the fourth episode. 

“I reckon everyone sounds pretty good singing in the shower, right? And in my playing days we used to sing on the team bus, so I thought I was okay,” the former rugby player tells WHO.

He made quite the impression on the show with his high-impact dance routines – wowing the judges with his final performance of Party Rock Anthem.

lote tuqiri
Lote was unmasked in the fourth episode. (Credit: 10)

Pavlova – Mahalia Barnes

The first season of The Masked Singer New Zealand also had a pavlova who was revealed to be Shortland Street star Stephanie Tauevihi, but the judges were stumped for who this could be.

Then, in episode five, it was revealed to be the glorious Mahalia Barnes – known for her incredible voice. It was a shock to the judges who, in previous seasons, have constantly guessed she was behind one of the masks.

“I don’t know if you’ve watched Masked Singer before, but every year we guess you so many times. And this year we are like, ‘No, it’s not her’,”
said Dannii.

“You blindsided us,” Jackie added.

mahalia barnes masked singer
Mahalia is the singing pavlova! (Credit: 10)

Atlantis – Macy Gray

This costume’s one of the more abstract ones, with the clues painting a vivid picture of a soulful star. In the end, renowned singer Macy Gray was beneath the colourful mask. 

“I knew it when I heard your voice!” an excited Urzila said when Macy was revealed.

masked singer macy gray
Macy Gray is unmasked. (Credit: 10)


Panellist Jackie O admitted she wouldn’t want to give birth to the Baby, but fans are already creeped out.

Alright, who had the fever dream idea that is demon baby?” one person penned on Twitter.

But someone has already guessed as to who the giant infant really is.

“Early call – Baby = Ann Edmonds,” one fan speculated on Twitter.

Could the Baby be Ann Edmonds? (Credit: 10)


Whoever thought of this costume deserves a raise.

We all know this is the Aussie drunken food of choice, but as for who is singing disguised as one, we’re less sure.

Names including Neighbours star Alan Fletcher, Kate Langbroek and even Rita Ora have been suggested.

Alan Fletcher, Kate Langbroek and even Rita Ora have been thrown around as the person behind Kebab. (Credit: 10)


In the latest trailer, Mullet literally lost their head but still managed to conceal their identity.

However fans are convinced it’s a certain ex AFL legend.

“It’s none other than boundary riding legend himself (with a fine mullet to boot) Robert ‘Dipper’ DiPierdomenico,” one penned on Twitter.

“Mullet is Dipper surely,” mused another.

WATCH BELOW: Masked Singer contestant loses their prop head in new trailer. Post continues after video…

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Though everyone is stumped when it comes to Vampire, this contestant is already creeping people out on social media.

“Vampire looks like something that would have gotten you eliminated on Face Off,” mused one. 

I will have nightmares about that vampire mask,” wrote another.

But if we’re talking clues, it looks like all hints point to iconic pop star Anastacia.

Vampire’s going to give us nightmares. (Credit: 10)


With all the frills and lace of those vintage Dolly toys, this feisty songstress burst onto our screens with a rendition of Fly Away by Tones and I.

“Everyone expects Dolly to be a good girl. Well, I’m the type of Dolly I want to be,” one of the clues reads. “My dreams aren’t what they used to be.”

So far, one of the most popular guesses for whose beneath the mask is Em Rusciano.

The Dolly has a… certain look about it. (Credit: 10)


Their rendition of Sara Bareilles’ song, Brave gave us goosebumps but no one is quite sure who Lightning is.

As someone who was young when they came to fame, fan guesses include Pretty Little Liars star Tammin Sursok, Kate Ritchie, Alli Simpson and Lara Worthington.

Whoever it is, that’s the voice of an angel!

“I made other waves when I was young too. Solid state, absolutely. But I left the goals behind.” (Credit: Ten)

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