MAFS’ Mick slammed for revealing sex secret

Jessika is going to be livid!

He was blasted by Jessika for revealing they had been intimate, but Mick better be scared of his bride’s wrath after he went on live TV to reveal further details about their sex life.

The Married At First Sight star made an appearance on Today Extra on Wednesday morning to spill the details.

Speaking to Richard Wilkins and Sonia Kruger, Mick revealed that he and Jessika did the wild thing on the first night they met.

“What people don’t realise is that Jess and I were actually intimate on the wedding night and that didn’t get out at all,” Mick said on Nine this morning.

“We bloody did all that on the wedding night and then she basically shut up shop and she was jet-lagged for two weeks from Perth to the east coast of Australia.”

On Tuesday night’s episode Jessika was left fuming after she found out Mike had told Mark they’d been intimate.

“For Mick to go behind my back and tell the boys without coming to me first has really upset me,” she fumed to producers. “We’re in such a great place at the moment, so I don’t know why he’s gone and done that.”

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