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A quick scroll through Dancing With The Stars contestant Erin McNaught’s Instagram account proves she’s happily loved up.

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From the snaps of the former Miss Universe Australia and her husband celebrating their seven-year wedding anniversary, walking hand-in-hand down the red carpet and hitting up the gym together (which, speaking from experience, is the ultimate relationship test.), we really can’t get enough of this entertainment mogul match made in Heaven. 

And, while the model turned actress and TV presenter is making headlines samba dancing her way to the top of this year’s Dancing With The Stars, let’s take a moment to look at her biggest fan on the show: her husband, Elliot John Gleave, aka Example.

The couple met when Erin worked at MTV. (Credit: Instagram)

But who is the 38-year-old’s beau and why does his face look so familiar?

Meet Elliot John Gleave – aka Example – a British musician, singer-songwriter, rapper and record producer known for chart-topping hits like Changed The Way You Kiss Me and Stay Awake.

Erin (left) and Example (right) enjoying a night on the town. (Credit: Instagram)

The couple were introduced in 2011 when the Canberra-born beauty interviewed the musician while working as a presenter for MTV.

After a brief courtship, it was clear that their connection was the real deal.

Erin relocated to Example’s hometown of London, where they resided for the next six years.

Speaking with The Sun, Example describes Erin as his “saviour,” and explains how she set him on the straight and narrow in the early days of his career.

“I was lying to my ex and cheating on her.” (Credit: Instagram)

“Erin saved me from an early death. I was partying too much back in the day.”

“You’re burning the candle at both ends, doing 120 festivals a year, 100 flights a year and you’re partying four or five nights a week.

“I was lying to my ex and cheating on her,” he admitted.

“I wasn’t close to my mum or dad or my sister any more, so Erin coming into my life helped me mend all those things.”

The pair wed just two years after meeting, near Ballina, just outside of Byron Bay.

They welcomed their first child, Evander Maxwell in 2014, with Ennio Stanley completing their family of four in 2017.

Example shared the news of Ennio’s arrival via Instagram and thanked his wife for “baking this perfect little cake.”

“Baking this perfect little cake.” (Credit: Instagram)

They currently reside in Brisbane, and since returning to Aussie soil Erin and Example regularly collaborate.

In fact, in May 2020, Example released a track dedicated to his wife which he aptly titled Erin.

Not only do the model’s vocals feature on the track, their children star in the music video which features home footage from their life together.

The couple wed two years after meeting. (Credit: Instagram)

Even though life can get busy for the couple, with young children and buzzing careers, they are completely loved up as if they never left their honeymoon phase. 

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