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It may seem like the most basic of tasks and yes at times boring, but we all want sparkling Hollywood smiles – which means toothpaste is important. 

The most beautiful part of anyone is their smile, who doesn’t want to see healthy, happy faces? So oral care is an essential step in our beauty routine. 

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Making the switch to natural products can be difficult, what even is natural at the end of the day? 

Well, a natural toothpaste uses naturally-occurring ingredients such as plant-extracts, essential oils and minerals to provide oral health benefits, clean and whiten without the potentially negative effects of some synthetic chemicals. 

If you’re wanting to swap over to trying out natural toothpaste there are endless options to shop that can do the job. 

Read on to find our top picks for natural toothpaste to help you achieve that shining smile you’ve always dreamed of. 

Best natural toothpastes to shop in 2023 

(Credit: Grants of Australia)

Grants Whitening toothpaste, $4.50, Healthylife

This minty toothpaste will leave your teeth shimmering and shining with natural whitening abilities from baking soda that helps to remove stains without the chemicals. It’s vegan-friendly, fluoride-free and proudly made here in Australia! 


(Credit: GEM)

GEM Triple whitening toothpaste, $12.99, Adore Beauty

A natural toothpaste that uses mineral fluoride to prevent cavities and keep teeth healthy and happy. The natural bicarb soda and silica whiten teeth and it also contains oral probiotics! The brand has a range of flavours like coconut mint and apple too. 


(Credit: Weleda)

Weleda Salt toothpaste, $9.95, Adore Beauty

This toothpaste uses natural salts to remove plaque and build-up on teeth that can lead to damage and cavities, it helps to increase saliva which is essential for healthy mouths. It also uses myrrh and krameria to neutralise acids that can cause poor teeth and gum health. 


(Credit: Dr Organic)

Dr Organic toothpaste organic purifying tea tree, $10.95, Healthylife

Formulated using natural ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree and plant extracts to create a purify and cleanse your teeth, leaving your mouth feeling brand new again. 


(Credit: Dr Hisham’s)

Dr Hisham’s Natural oral care teeth serum, $29.95, Biome

We bet you’ve never heard of a tooth serum, but this handy little toothpaste alternative uses natural and plant-sourced ingredients to clean, whiten, relieve bad breath and bacteria growth. 


(Credit: Keeko)

Keeko Superclean charcoal toothpaste, $16.95, Sassy Organics

Using natural and detoxifying ingredients like activated charcoal, peppermint oil, coconut oil and more to leave shining, whitened teeth behind. It’s also a great pick for sensitive teeth. 


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