Jessika Power is considering a major beauty change

And fans are divided.
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Ever since she starred on Married At First Sight back in 2019, Jessika Power’s been known for her iconic pout and blonde locks. But the former reality star is considering removing one of her most noticeable assets.

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Taking to Instagram on Wednesday night, Jess, 28, shared two near-identical photos of herself, but in the first her iconic tattoo that reads “Never a mistake, always a lesson” is missing.

“Thinking of having my very old (unplanned and not thought out😅) tattoo lasered off 👩🏼‍⚕️💉 what do you think?” the blonde bombshell asked in the caption.

“For those who’ve asked over the years it says ‘never a mistake, always a lesson’ – quite fitting to my current thought process.”

Tattoo or no tattoo? (Credit: Instagram)

Jessika’s fans were split down the middle about whether she should laser off her ink.

“If it’s bad news and you don’t like it go get it gone,” one advised.

“I personally wouldn’t get it removed, it’s a part of you 💕 in fact seeing that tattoo when you was on MAFS made me want to have that quote on my body. Love it!! plus laser is meant to be really painful! Xx,” said another.

Her former co-star Mike Gunner even suggested: “If you do you should go to @erazeclinic They did mine and it’s almost completely gone.”

Jessika’s tattoo reads “Never a mistake, always a lesson”. (Credit: Nine)

This week Jess fuelled rumours that she and season eight groom Cameron Dunne, who infamously cheated on wife Samantha Harvey, were dating when they were snapped on a night out on the Gold Coast

Along with rumoured couple KC Osborne and Jason Engler, the pair posed for pictures and Jess even shared a video of herself and Cam pretending to argue.

“Tell me your house mates without telling me your house mates,” she captioned the clip, but fans weren’t convinced they were just housemates.

“Dating without dating okkkkk,” one remarked.

“U both look good together,” noted another.

Back on the sixth season of MAFS, Jessika was originally partnered with farmer Mick Gould, but cheated on him with intruder groom Dan Webb whom she controversially re-entered the experiment with.

“When I watched my season back it made me sick with emotion to see how self centered and self consumed I was,” reflected back in April, but remarked she was pleased with the way she conducted herself at the reunion special.

“Then watching myself back again this year made me actually smile a little and feel prouder to turn the tv on and know my dad won’t be going balistic at me.

“I guess you have to look back at these moments and just laugh.”

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