Kylie Jenner’s makeup artist Ariel Tejada on his Kardashian friendships

"I got an angel in my life who is a blessing; Kylie."
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Renowned for his work with Kylie Jenner, 27-year-old celebrity makeup artist Ariel Tejada is a big name in the business. Painting the faces of Kardashians, singers, and screen sirens alike, he’s best known for his sculpted, bronzy looks. 

An honorary member of the Kar-Jenner clan, Ariel rose to fame in 2015 when first working with the youngest Jenner. The DM that started it all, at the hands of Kylie Jenner herself, led to a long partnership between the two, where Ariel now considers himself ‘one of the family’.

WATCH: Kylie Jenner in the glam chair. Article continues after video.

Most recently, the artist-to-the-stars brought his expertise Down Under. After catching the makeup aficionado’s attention, Aussie-born SPF brand Naked Sundays invited Ariel to commemorate their SPF Top Up Day on April 6.

Celebrating in style while overlooking Sydney harbour, the makeup artist divulged on his close relationship with the Kardashians and shared pearls of glam wisdom to the exclusive attendee list.

Talking everything Kylie Jenner, red carpet makeup and, of course, SPF re-application over makeup, WHO share the tellings of the brain behind the Kar-Jenner’s ever-flawless glam.

Ariel Tejada celebrated International SPF Top Up Day with Aussie SPF brand Naked Sundays. (Credit: Supplied)

While confident in his own impeccable makeup skills, Ariel credits much of his Hollywood success to Kylie Jenner. Since their first collaboration in 2015, the pair have only grown closer. Sharing a bond that extends past the glam chair, the pair are basically besties at this point.

When speaking with Naked Sundays‘ founder (and former Sunrise and Seven News TV reporter) Samantha Brett at their SPF Top Up Day panel, Ariel shared, as long time collaborators, him and Kylie work as a team when it comes to the creation of their next makeup look.

“We sit down for hours on end and it could be the simplest look but we take it so seriously because we love it. It’s a collaborative team effort, it’s never a one person thing.”

This is certainly the case when it comes to his unique ability to set the trends where, with Kylie at his side, they don’t work to follow, but to lead.

“I don’t ever want that distraction on social media to make me feel like I’m not doing enough…I am my own competition,” Ariel shared.

WATCH: Ariel Tejada at Naked Sundays’ SPF Top Up Day. Article continues after video.

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After eight long years working with Kylie, it’s safe to say that Ariel has formed close relationship with the Kardashian family as a whole. 

Speaking on this close connection, Ariel said, “I got an angel in my life who is a blessing; Kylie. I got Kim and I got to be a part of a family that is now like an extended family to me in LA.”

Considering the Kardashians “extended family”, Ariel is also responsible for many of Kim’s big glam moments.

“Sometimes I look at her [Kim] and I’m like. ‘I can’t believe I am doing your makeup’. And not in a fangirl way, this was once just a dream and now it’s the reality. So when you ask me that question [who’s your dream client], I am living my dream. I don’t know if I’m dreaming of doing anyone else because Kim was like my end all be all.”

Ariel Tejada with Kim Kardashian and Chris Appleton. (Credit: Instagram)

When it comes to his actual makeup tips, Ariel is a strong advocate for touch-ups. 

“Sometimes we [the glam team and client] are getting ready for a carpet and we are usually one of the last to walk the carpet. My talent and I are watching every person that goes before incase we need to make any adjustments for lighting,” he told the Naked Sundays founder.

“I will not make anything set in stone until we know that this is really what is going to photograph the best in that moment.”

This philosophy certainly applies to Ariel’s skin steps too. As we all know, SPF is a crucial part of anyone’s beauty routine, whether you’re prepping for a photo shoot or simply heading to the grocery store.

But, after applying your face of makeup for the day, there comes a time when another layer of UV protection is required. Of course, after dedicating your time to a flawless glam, rubbing a cream across your face is not exactly ideal.

This is where Ariel leans on the Naked Sundays SPF50+ Hydrating Glow Mist.

“When shooting outdoors or at the beach, having a spray/mist like Naked Sundays and knowing you are covered for the rest of your shoot is incredible.”

With outdoor shoots on the agenda for many of his celeb clients, Ariel says skin protection is key. Referencing Khloe Kardashian’s own experience with skin cancer, he relies on the no-touch mode of SPF re-application to preserve his carefully applied work.

Naked Sundays Hydrating Glow Mist (Credit: Mecca)

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