The Veronicas’ Lisa Origliasso debuts shock new haircut

"I already like 2021 better."
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She and her identical twin sister Jess Origliasso often get mistaken for each other but after a dramatic new haircut, Lisa Origliasso looks completely different.

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The singer-songwriter debuted her new mullet do on Instagram with a short video, captioning it: “I already like 2021 better.”

Lisa’s new haircut has already earned her legions of fans, many of whom shared their compliments in the comments section.

“Real life fairy,” mused one.

“Holy WOW. I’m not sure why I’m ever surprised when you pull off new hairstyles but this one is SUCH a LOOK,” exclaimed another.

Sister Jess even shared her own glowing review, writing: “It’s like if Winona was in Hackers.”

“I already like 2021 better.” (Credit: Instagram)
Lisa’s new haircut comes shortly after she and Jess celebrated their 36th birthdays.

In an emotional post, the singer and soon-to-be star of Celebrity Apprentice noted that she’s “lived and died a thousand times this year”.

“I’ve loved & I’ve lost. Its been challenging, too much to make sense of. But I’m ending this year thankful for the opportunity to grow stronger, the new friendships & soul connections I’ve made, the perspective I’ve gained, & heading into this next year living each day in a place of pure gratitude for the gift of life,” she captioned a clip of herself and husband Logan Huffman sharing a kiss.

“It is so fragile, so dream as if you will live forever, & live as if you will die today. If you love someone, tell them. They won’t be here forever. Do something that scares you. Always be kind. Especially to yourself. Never stop looking at the world through the lense of your inner child. Surround yourself with people who make you laugh. Ask yourself what truly makes you happy. And spend more time doing that.”

She added: “Stop wasting precious time trying to prove how cool you are to people online & learn to love & accept yourself first. Cultivate real connection. Create healthy habits. Who you think you are, you become. Embrace your personal value system. Give to something bigger than yourself. Pray / chant / sing / meditate. Invest in your health. & most of all -have the courage to always follow your heart.”

lisa and logan
Lisa celebrated her 36th birthday with husband Logan Huffman. (Credit: Instagram)

The Veronicas had a challenging 2020 with pregnancy loss, Jess’ break up and their mum Colleen’s diagnosis with Lewy body dementia – a condition that slowly deteriorates the brain, affecting thinking, memory and movement.

The pop duo postponed their acoustic tour in November to be reunited with their mum in Brisbane calling it “a deeply sensitive time for our family that requires priority”.

In an emotional interview with radio show B105FM during National Carer’s Week back in October, Jess and Lisa revealed that they’d been their mum’s primary carer for some time.

“We are in awe every day of this woman. Just our absolute hero, and to be able to care for her, give back to her even a tiny bit of the love she has thrown us throughout our lives is an absolute honour… but it is incredibly difficult work.”

The Veronicas will star on Celebrity Apprentice 2021. (Credit: Instagram)

Both Lisa and Jess are set to star in the upcoming series of Celebrity Apprentice under the eye of UK business magnate, Lord Alan Sugar.

Other contestants include Michelle Bridges, Shaynna Blaze, Anthony Callea and MAFS star Martha Kalifatidis but an insider revealed to New Idea that the big personalities are already clashing.

“There’s more than a few divas in the mix and some interesting alliances are starting to form,” they told the publication.

“Get ready for fireworks.”

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